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38 Today

May 8th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

Thank you all for the lovely well wishes and presents. I’m getting ever closer to the penultimate 40th which I’ll have to start planning soon. Maybe we can have our wedding and my birthday bash together :).

I received a fair few presents but the one I’m most excited about was from Sam and the girls, a scuba-dive in Dublin Bay, just off of Dalkey Island. I have been talking about diving in Ireland for some time but never got around to organising it. Thank you girls, it’s perfect and means a lot.

Thank you to Clive, Tracey and Lucy for entertaining us all for the weekend. We had a very busy but relaxing time, as always. The FA Cup Final and a meal out on Saturday, Roscommon Vs Dublin All Ireland Under 21 Final followed by a few beers on Saturday and a 12k run on Monday, all in between glasses on wine by the open fire.

I am off work for a week so plan on heading to Roscommon today to spend time with granddad, Granny is in US with Paul. We are hoping to take day trips to Galway and Donegal while we’re down that direction.

Thank you all again, it was a lovely birthday weekend!












Six Months Old

May 4th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

Yesterday the girls reached another small milestone, six months old.  We were looking back at some photos of their birth, our time in hospital and taking them home – it seems so long ago.  It’s the feeling I’m sure all parents go through but it amazes us how they have grown and developed so quickly.

They are both becoming more demanding as each week passes and are developing very different personalities.  Rosie is the cheeky one, full of energy, loud and a bit of a handful.  While Lily is very laid back, quiet and reserved – she rarely speaks while Rosie is in full flight.  Rosie is a laughing machine – a performing monkey – but difficult to catch on camera.  They both keep us well entertained.  They are just starting to recognize one another and it’s lovely to see them giggle together.  Soon they will be looking after and entertaining each other.

We always feel like celebrities when we’re out and about as people always approach and ask loads of questions, the usual ones: are they identical, are they hard work and do you have to do everything with them at the same time, etc?  We never expected any of this attention.

I have selected a few photos to remind you (and us) of what they were like only a few months ago.  They are everything to us and couldn’t imagine our lives without them.  We are so looking forward to seeing them grow over the next six months and celebrating their 1st birthday.

DSC 0321

DSC 0042

DSC 0049

DSC 0047

DSC 0172

DSC 0148

DSC 0211

DSC 0006

DSC 0232

DSC 0078

DSC 0056

DSC 0038

DSC 0051

DSC 0076

DSC 0081

DSC 0106

DSC 0114

DSC 0124

DSC 0142


May 4th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while since I’ve updated – 17th February – I’m well aware.  I’ve sat down a few times but the task was too much to backdate and I quickly lost the enthusiasm.  We’ve had a fairly busy couple of months.  Sam’s been home to the UK for 2.5 weeks and we had a lot of visitors previous to that.

While Sam and the girls were away and right up until yesterday I’ve had a major project on at work and it consumed all my evenings and weekends for a month or more, but thankfully it was completed yesterday (very successfully) so life will return to some form of normality and I’ll have time to provide some updates.  The girls are doing really and developing quickly.  I’ll upload some videos later.

Rather than backdating, ‘ll try and add a few nice photos we’ve taken over the last couple of months and will keep updating going forward.

Take care.

A few photos to go through.

DSC 0103

DSC 0105


IMG 0461

DSC 0140

DSC 0155

DSC 0167

DSC 0174

DSC 0178

DSC 0185

DSC 0222

DSC 0225

DSC 0255

DSC 0257

DSC 0285

DSC 0286

DSC 0132

DSC 0145

DSC 0203

DSC 0205

DSC 0214

DSC 0216

DSC 0218

DSC 0221

DSC 0228

DSC 0238

DSC 0112

DSC 0120

DSC 0124

DSC 0128

DSC 0114

DSC 0148

DSC 0193

DSC 0207

DSC 0213

DSC 0214

DSC 0221

DSC 0229

DSC 0231

DSC 0239

DSC 0250

DSC 0260

DSC 0277

DSC 0285

DSC 0292

DSC 0314

DSC 0315

DSC 0321

DSC 0336

DSC 0348

DSC 0361

DSC 0408

IMG 0512

IMG 0531

DSC 0120

DSC 0151

DSC 0232

DSC 0236

DSC 0238


February 17th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

Our girls are becoming complete telly addicts so I’ve nicknamed them them the telletubbies.

We’ve always watch the TV while giving them a bottle and didn’t think much of it. We assumed it was the big bright screen that grabbed their attention but now we’re thinking it could be more because when we turn it off or change their viewing position they scream the house down – so it seems they quite enjoy watching!

This was hilarious at first and we would move or disturb them just to get a reaction but now we are thinking we need to nip this in the bud, but how?

They are not going to spend their childhood on front of a telly! I know…we need a bigger apartment or a house in the country where we’re not confined to such a small living area.

Bless, they look so cute. Look at the concentration.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

A very special day indeed.  This year I’ve been well and truly spoiled.  Early in the day Sam sent me a lovely text message (with the first pic attached) wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.  The girls dressed in their Valentine grows, how beautiful.

When I came home from from work the girls had prepared one of my favourite meals with the table set under candlelight.  Thankfully the girls were no trouble and were set for bed after their 7pm feed which gave us some lovely quite time together with a few glasses of wine – just like old times!

It’s been a beautiful family evening and a credit to my gorgeous fiancee, I love you so much.

Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day love.

DSC 0027

DSC 0043

DSC 0035

DSC 0037