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10 things we did in Thailand

December 5th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand - (1 Comments)

10 things we did in 4 weeks:

1. Ate our way through every kinda fish known to man.

2. Played ‘chicken’ with sharks 19m underwater – hard-core!

3. Provided bedbugs with Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving dinner – all at once.

4. Sealed the deal (and more) on Maya Bay.

5. Spent 80% of our time chill’n on the worlds best beaches.

6. The other 20% lying in hammocks – hard isn’t it!

7. Got my ass kicked and burnt alive playing volleyball – lesson learned – exercise is not good!

8. Discovered a better use for buckets on Koh San Road.

9. Stupidly, signed up for fire stick lessons and didn’t get burned, that much!!

10. Watched clean 10 movies and another series of House.

2008-11-23 - Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Ko Lanta

December 4th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand - (0 Comments)

You must be sick seeing pictures of us doing nothing other than lying on the beach soaking up the sun.  It’s difficult to scramble a few words together, especially as we’ve done absolutely nothing since arriving on Ko Lanta – a 1–hour skip down the east cost from Ko Phi Phi.

Definitely a kick-back island and a place to get away from the tourist hullabaloo.  The lack of jet-skis and girly bars makes it a far cry from Ko Phi Phi, but we’ve had enough of that – need to be all responsibe now that I’m engaged .  The island doesn’t have those stunning cliffs found all around the Krabi Province, or even particularly good coral; what is does have is miles of sandy beaches and a seriously laid back ambiance – exactly why we came and stayed as long as we have.

We’ll start with a picture of Jack (Jack Sparrow) a bartender.  There are 5 barmen with enough work for 1.  That’s also him and another barman (Boon, or Baboon as he likes to call himself) in the second picture asleep.  Ironically, it’s called Freedom Bar – anybody want a job?

The rest of the pictures are just random, more can be seen on the Pictures tab, No.41.

Ko Lanta - Thailand 159

Ko Lanta - Thailand 163

Ko Lanta - Thailand 012

Ko Lanta - Thailand 040

Ko Lanta - Thailand 043

Ko Lanta - Thailand 154

Ko Lanta - Thailand 072

Ko Lanta - Thailand 067

Ko Lanta - Thailand 096

Ko Lanta - Thailand 113

Ko Lanta - Thailand 132

Ko Lanta - Thailand 129

Ko Lanta - Thailand 138

Ko Lanta - Thailand 149

Ko Lanta - Thailand 151

Thank you

December 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand - (0 Comments)

Our sincere thanks to all who e-mailed, texted and left some lovely messages in response to our last post. Also the comments left on our web site, we laughed out loud – there are some smart arses out there (you know who you are) – thank you!

For those of you who asked if I have bought Sam a ring, the answer is NO, not yet!  Tradition suggests that its value should be twice ones monthly income – as I am currently unemployed, it need only be a cheap one .  Only kidding, we hope to pick up a lucky bag en route.

We have spent our days since in Ko Lanta on the beach and relaxing by the pool while soaking up the sun (next post).  We still seem to be milk bottle white (as Richy put it) and stand out a little from the crowd, maybe it’s time to downsize the sunscreen factor or get out the oil!

Tomorrow the rucksacks go back on as we head for Malaysia, don’t know where yet, just taking it as it comes.  Thankfully we are heading in the opposite direction to the fiasco in Bangkok – for most it’s nothing more than an extended holiday on work time.

A night on ‘The Beach’

December 1st, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand - (25 Comments)

There you have it, the surprise outing for Sam’s birthday was a night camping on Maya Beach (Ao Maya), Ko Phi Phi Leh.  Because of the movie it is now more commonly known locally as ‘The Beach’.

We visited the island briefly a few days previous on a day trip but it was packed with tourists so we didn’t stay long, so I wanted us to be able to experience the island on our own, relatively speaking.  There were 12 of us – Australian, English, Swiss, Irish and a few locals providing the food, cocktails and beer – great combo!

It was everything we had expected and much much more. After setting up camp on ‘the beach’, we had a BBQ dinner, a few cocktail buckets, listened to a few tunes and talked till the early hours.  A great bunch of folks and we enjoyed their company immensely – they made the experience.

At midnight I ushered Sam off for a walk along the deserted stretch of beach and while sitting on a driftwood log I whispered those sweet words ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’, she jumped for joy and said YES.  It was all very romantic and just how I had imagined it and how Sam would have wanted it.  Like the movie scene, we went for a dip (wink wink) and swam among the fluorescent plankton – it was incredible!

I’m an auld romantic at heart .

So there you have it, we are now officially engaged.  Please don’t ask us ‘when is the big day’, it has taken me 9 years to pop the question and will probably take another 9 to set a date.  It’s kind a hard to save for a wedding when you are technically unemployed. 

This travelling lark is turning out to be some adventure.  Sorry we are not with you to celebrate, but I’m sure you will all raise a glass (or two) in our honour!

Please feel free to leave some comments, slag’n or otherwise!  Or text us on our Thailand sim +66 801444031.

Sam's Birthday 080

Sam's Birthday 096

Sam's Birthday 109

Sam's Birthday 088

Sam's Birthday 199

Sam's Birthday 202

Sam's Birthday 313

Sam's Birthday 175

Sam's Birthday 221

Sam's Birthday 289

Diving in Ko Phi Phi

November 29th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand - (2 Comments)

We had an amazing day yesterday scuba diving off the islands of Ko Phi Phi.  Not cheap but worth every penny.  Not having dived since we qualified 4 months ago, naturally we were a little apprehensive – but we needn’t have been!

A coral and fish dive off Bida Nai and a shark dive off Palong.

Bida Nai: two minutes in, the apprehension just drifted away, it seemed like only days since we had dived previously and all the skills became second nature.

It was breathtaking, so much better than our four previous dives.  Within minutes a leopard shark drifted past, then a bamboo shark and a barracuda, wow!  The area was amass with colourful fish, the only names we remember were lion, snapper, trigger, clown, brown marbled grouper – and many many more.

We dived a depth of 19m but only lasted 34 minutes – showing our lack of experience, but that will improve over time.  Visibility was around 20m.

Sadly, our camera played up yet again – as soon as we entered the water ‘memory card error’ – and we could have got some amazing shots, what a pain in the asshole.

Palong:  As it was a shark dive, the area and conditions were somewhat different, little colour and very few fish.  Low and behold, the only sharks we seen were on the first dive – damn!

We dived a depth of 12m and lasted a whopping 55 minutes, a big improvement.  Visibility was a poor 10m.

Luckily we had a spare memory card and the camera behaved, but the pictures are disappointing – next time eh!

The rest can be seen here, no.39.

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 423

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 011

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 012

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 261

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 408

 Diving in Ko Phi Phi 292

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 312

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 320

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 323

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 362

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 369

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 311

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 383

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 346

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 425

Diving in Ko Phi Phi 429