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Life in Chitwan

August 11th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 03-Nepal - (0 Comments)

We’ve been here a few days now and have had plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere and culture and view it’s beautiful surroundings.  Chitwan is so laid back it’s almost horizontal – it’s is truly amazing.

As we eat our breakfast we watch the locals feed and water their animals, including elephants, by the river. As we walk around we get a sense of no urgency.  A local was telling us that most people here only work 3–4 hours a day, the rest is for chilling. Everywhere we go there are people playing cards, sleeping, drinking tea, fishing etc. – what a life!  Money means very little to these people – peace of mind is number one – maybe some of this will rub off on us by the time we leave.

Chitwan National Park 161

Chitwan National Park 109

Chitwan National Park 133

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Chitwan National Park 175

Chitwan National Park 185

Chitwan National Park 201

New tipple

August 11th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 03-Nepal - (2 Comments)

Major dilemma – to drink or not to drink, that is the question?

So far, it’s been expensive in relative terms to consume alcohol, it varies between £1 and £2 per bottle depending on the country.  Here it’s £1.90 and that’s local beer, not Carlsberg or Heineken etc.  Every other night we treated ourselves to 4–5 bottles (shared) but it’s eating into our budget big time!

We’ve found a solution – local rum with coke! – £1.60 a quarter bottle, more than enough of an evening. We had some last night and it’s pretty intoxicating but cheap.

UPDATE: upon wakening this morning, we’ve decided against our rum strategy, we felt very dehydrated – back to beer then. Maybe we should setup a sponsor portal on the website so people back home can sponsor us a few bevies :-).

Chitwan National Park 154


August 11th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 03-Nepal - (3 Comments)

Please be patient with our postings here in Nepal, we are experiencing some difficulty uploading due to the sheer lack of bandwidth.  For you semi-techies out there – especially those of you who have come to expect a decent internet connection at home – think of us here in Nepal where the fastest connection in town yesterday was 96kbps – wow!

It’s bonkers – there are two cafes, both say that the internet is fastest at 7am and 7pm – supposedly 128kbps but it varies considerably – but we know from experience that the town’s electricity goes off a 7pm most nights – that’s why it’s so fast – nobody is using the damn thing!

We have made some changes to the way we upload posts, previously we used Windows Live Writer and, when uploaded, provided users with the ability to expand the pictures. Like all Microsoft products, it has let us down badly (if you’re reading Bill or Bob or whoever the new guy is) and we’ve now switched to a programme called blogjet which does not provide a function to expand the photos when clicked. 

FEEDBACK REQUIRED: Is this a real problem for you guys – do you expand the pictures or are you just happy to receive posts? I can manage with WLR, but it’s a pain in the ass uploading, it takes forever and mostly crashes or times out!

Finally, just a quick thank you again to all of you who have been commenting and e-mailing – we love receiving them – keep them coming.  I’m sure you understand, we cannot reply to each comment, we’d be on the internet all day!

Thank you!


We arrived Thursday at Chitwan National Park in Nepal.  Having crossed the border we felt we were entering a magical place, thus further reassuring our decision to cut the India leg short.

Most of the tourists come here on a package deal through agencies from Katmandu or Pokhara and stay 2 nights with 3 days activities. Rather than sign up, we headed straight here and planned on bargaining with hard cash – it worked! 

We immediately fell in love with the place and set about finding some accommodation. We went to a few recommended by the Lonely Planet, and settled for Chitwan Tiger Camp because of its river view. The haggling was easy and we secured our accommodation for a mere 500 rupees (£3.50) per double room per night, a bargain.  To put this into perspective, we had budgeted £20 per night.

You will see from the pictures how peaceful this place is.  After the hustle and bustle of India, we needed to re-charge our batteries, and have decided to stay a at least a week.

UNESCO World Heritage Site #4

Chitwan National Park 113

Chitwan National Park 102

Chitwan National Park 107

Chitwan National Park 099

Chitwan National Park 117