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Traditional Indian wedding

August 7th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India - (1 Comments)

On our arrival in Jairpur and having checked into our hotel, we were told that there was an Indian wedding taking place for 300 guests that evening in the grounds which our patio doors opened onto. The proprietor said we were more than welcome to attend, but having realising it was a  Muslim wedding – no alcohol – and not Hindu, we decided against it!  We were more worried that we wouldn’t get any sleep with the noise.

It was interesting seeing the preparation and then the event. We both had a guided tour of the so called kitchen area and they were very proud when we asked if we could take some photos.  It was a very quiet affair, no music or dancing and it was all done and dusted by 12am. The men on one side and the ladies on the other – how strange?  Had it been a traditional Hindu wedding, there would have been plenty of booze and unlikely to finish before sunrise – maybe then we would have joined in.

Mutton was the dish of the night.  It was crazy to see them mixing the dough and building the clay ovens for the naan bread. Mind you, if you had seen the number of flies surrounding the dough, you too would have refrained from eating, period!

Thankfully, we had a great night sleep.

Mumbai 343

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 Mumbai 390 

Colourful bazaars (old post)

August 7th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India - (2 Comments)

It’s been a few days since we provided an upload – it’s not for the lack of internet cafes, it’s finding one you trust and many have stopped tourists connecting via Wi-Fi  because an American was arrested recently on suspicion of sending terrorists emails.

We’ve immersed ourselves within the markets or bazaars of Old and New Delhi, taking our time to explore every nook and cranny.  It’s striking to see the arrangements and abundance of colours.  Alongside these beautiful stalls you see horrendous poverty and we’ve chosen not to show these for fear we’d put you off your breakfast.  It’s difficult to describe third world poverty until you witness it first hand.

On a more upbeat note, it’s so funny listening to an Indian pronounce ‘S’, everything is ‘Sh’, “please come shit in my car, please shit, shit” – it’s been crack’n us up!

Tomorrow we plan of visiting the sites of Delhi with a car and driver (should have clarified this earlier) so hopefully we will have some great shots.

Mumbai 057

Mumbai 061

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En route to Jaipur

August 5th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India - (1 Comments)

Having exhausted ourselves visiting the sites of Delhi, it was time to move onto Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, aka The Pink City.  It was a nerve racking 7hrs dodging and weaving  the oncoming traffic, animals and potholes, but we made it!  Will probably write more on this topic in our summing up of India. 

We pulled into a service station to grab a bit to eat and there was a little girl (pic 4) busking, if we can call it that – it was so funny. We have a video but we cannot upload it because of the slow internet speed here.  The two boys in the 4th picture were begging for money, instead we gave them a large packet of biscuits, you would have though they had won the lottery, they scampered off jumping and screaming with joy – very moving – you want to give them the cloths off your back.

We will have many stories and videos of our travels that we will share with you on our return.

A few snaps of our journey:

Mumbai 171

Mumbai 172

Mumbai 173

Mumbai 176

Jaipur 169

Jaipur 168

Jaipur 170

Jaipur 171

Yesterday we had a long day touring the many sites of New and Old Delhi.  We went to the official tourist office, as recommended by the lonely planet (approx. 1,000 unofficial) where we hired a car and guide for 5 days and booked our train tickets to Nepal, all for £180 – bargain.

Sam and I are not big on tourist sites and this long day definitely confirmed it – the expense, queues, security, no photos at many etc. etc. – at least we made the effort and have some half decent pictures in which to remember India.  I was going to write the names and a description of each site, but frankly they are not really that interesting.

Hopefully we will get to see rural India on our tour of the golden triangle (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra).

The Red Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site #2

Mumbai 145

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Backpacker grapevine

July 31st, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India - (6 Comments)

“Bumper-to-bumper with budget accommodation and a seedy reputation for drugs and dodgy characters, Paharganj is the backpacker grapevine” (Lonely Planet).

We had an amazing day walking around the Main Bazaar yesterday ,  a metropolis of shops and stalls in the centre of New Delhi.  We haggled and laughed for most of the day.  It’s embarrassingly cheap – our accommodation (with a/c) is £3 each per night and in a reasonable hotel – that includes breakfast and 1hr internet, but you have to buy the toilet roll :-).  Sam bought a beautiful hand stitched shoulder bag for the equivalent of £2.50. A glass bottle of Coca Cola is around 12p.

Not sure what you’ll make of the photos but walking around is a surreal experience – we can’t wait to go out again today.  Although, as I write this, it is shitting it down with rain. Tomorrow we will hire a car and visit many of the temples and museums etc.

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