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Open Water Diver Course

July 17th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 01-Egypt - (1 Comments)

It’s been a few days since we’ve had a chance to provide you with an update on our diving.  The course is spread over 4 days, four confined dives learning all the basic skills and 2 open water dives and an exam at the end.

It’s a bit difficult to concentrate in 38 degrees, having to read a book, complete chapter revisions and mini quizzes.  Although so far, it’s going really well and we’re thoroughly enjoying it – but we are bush whacked come 9pm.

We’ve been up for breakfast most morning at 7am, all kitted out at 8/8:30 and in the water for 9.  The afternoon is scheduled for further dives, study and revision etc. We normally finish at 6/7pm, then off to the bar for a beer with all the other divers.

Some pictures of us grasping the basic skills such as neutral buoyancy.  Visibility is poor, as the confined shore dives are completed in an area where boats are whizzing by constantly. No doubt there will be many more photos to follow.

Sharm El Sheikh 040

Sharm El Sheikh 077

Sharm El Sheikh 081

Sharm El Sheikh 084

First day in Egypt

July 13th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 01-Egypt - (9 Comments)

The first full day of our world tour, wow.  We landed in Sharm El Sheikh at 8pm local time to an amazing 38 degrees.  A 10 min bus ride to the hotel and we were drenched with sweat and wondering how we were going to cope.  The locals said it was a very humid evening and that it’s normally somewhat cooler – we’ll see!

With all the excitement and somewhat trepidation we were a little jaded.  A short trip to the supermarket to buy 15 litres of water and a beer in the hotel bar we headed to bed.

We woke early and excited about starting our PADI course which was amazing and it was only the first day.  We didn’t take the camera out as we felt a little unsure about the security around the hotel.  We have broke the back of the theory work spending several hours on front of a tv and while answering textbook questions.  More tomorrow, but with much more time spent diving.  Will have loads of photos on our dives later.

We are already in chill mode sitting here drinking Sakara (local beer) while writing this post.  The weather is fab, the booze and fags are cheap, rock on Egypt!

Just some pics of the hotel surroundings:

Sharm El Sheikh 014Sharm El Sheikh 017Sharm El Sheikh 007 Sharm El Sheikh 002Sharm El Sheikh 003Sharm El Sheikh 011Sharm El Sheikh 013Sharm El Sheikh 012