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Offline for a bit!

October 26th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 08-China - (0 Comments)



For those unfamiliar with Mandarin, here is thorough translation:

Just to make you aware, we will be offline for a few days with no access to email or the web – our global sim will be working. We have not long arrived in Kunming, chilled out for the day and are off again tomorrow to Xi’an on a sleeper train for approximately 35hrs.

After coming from SE Asia, we are shocked at the cost of everything here in China.  Today we had to fork out £93 for our sleeper train – previously, we could have lived on that for a week.  I suppose it’s a wakeup call we need and one that will prepare us for Oz and NZ.

Speak to you all soon.


October 26th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 08-China - (0 Comments)

A 24hr bus ride from Luan Prabang to Kunming in China.  Our 6th border crossing and the best by far, in fact, it was a breeze.  We were a little hesitant getting a bus rather than a flight, but a cost of $54 versus $700 helped make up our mind. 

We slept comfortably throughout – at least 18 hours – Sam was in heaven.  Shortly after the crossing we stopped for a break.  We went to withdraw some hard currency but neither of the ATMs were forthcoming – shit – what do we do!  We had no choice but to travel the remainder of the journey without food or water and, thankfully, when we arrived at the main station we got some.  It didn’t do us any harm to starve for a few hours.

So funny, we had to endure karoke throughout, or at least while we were awake.  They had the equivalent of MTV blasting out on LCD screens and, if one could read Chinese, you could sing along – and many did!  The Chinese go mad for it.  I got excited when I seen the screens and hoped they would be playing a few movies, but after some thought knew, even if they did, they would be in Chinese.

Some photos of our cool karoke bus.

Kunming 025

Kunming 029

Kunming 031

Kunming 032