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May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina - (1 Comments)

This post will take all of about two minutes to write.  We had a few days stopover in the city of Salta on our way to San Pedro.  A beautiful place with a colonial styled chill out vibe. 

We toured around for the day, went out to see a traditional dance show, had far too many bottles of wine and eventually hit the sack at 4am.  Argentina is notorious for its late nights.  Restaurants don’t open until late so we ended up going out for dinner at 11pm – mad isn’t it!

A late rise the following morning so nothing got done other than  chill out at  the hostel and play around on the internet.  Some days you just need some chill time.

Sorry for the lack of and quality of photos.

Salta 040

Salta 053

Salta 056

Salta 057

Salta 060

Salta 061

Salta 093

Salta 088

Salta 109

Salta 110

Salta 106

Iguazu National Park

May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina - (2 Comments)

Right on the border of Brazil and Argentina lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iguazu National Park.  Some 275 waterfalls plunging from heights up to 80m in an awesome, deafening display.

A hectic day getting around the park, 6 hours pretty much non stop.  So much to see: the Upper and Lower Circuit Trails, San Martin Island and the mighty Garganta del Diablo Trail which hosts the mother of all waterfalls and it’s what people are referring to when they say the Iguazu Falls.

Water aside, the 55,000 hectare park is a natural wonderland of sub-tropical rainforest with over 2,000 plant species, 400 bird species and many mammals and reptiles.  We got a fair few out of focus shots of some unusual animals but seen plenty plenty more on our way around.

The boffs take in the waterfalls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Not us, one was enough.  At the end of the day you have pictures of waterfalls from every angle, as you’ll see below, do you need more?  In all it was a great day out and well worth the £6 entrance fee.

UNESCO World Heritage Site #35

Puerto Iguazu 263

Puerto Iguazu 265

Puerto Iguazu 284

Puerto Iguazu 266

Puerto Iguazu 267

Puerto Iguazu 270

Puerto Iguazu 019

Puerto Iguazu 022

Puerto Iguazu 028

Puerto Iguazu 040

Puerto Iguazu 045

Puerto Iguazu 060

Puerto Iguazu 056

Puerto Iguazu 087

Puerto Iguazu 090

Puerto Iguazu 104

Puerto Iguazu 148

Puerto Iguazu 152

Puerto Iguazu 158

Puerto Iguazu 181

Puerto Iguazu 188

Puerto Iguazu 216

Puerto Iguazu 246

Puerto Iguazu 097

Puerto Iguazu 071

Puerto Iguazu 101

Puerto Iguazu 189

Puerto Iguazu 248


May 20th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina - (1 Comments)

A nice little update to our website that I though you should know about. 

I just installed a wee plugin that reformats the content to a mobile theme when viewing with an Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Google Android or Blackberry Storm touch mobile device.  This pretty much covers the more popular devices so you have no excuse for not leaving the odd comment while on the go!

I have also updated our travel map on the front page (not accessible via mobile)and it now has over 100 locations with some nice pics.  It’s scary looking back at just how far we have travelled in 10 months, good times though.

I’m bored really and just wanted to play or tweak the site.  I have some great ideas for a complete overhaul when we we return from our travels.


Iphone Photos 025

Nearing the end…

May 19th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina - (3 Comments)

Time to start planning our return leg.  We’ve had, and are still having, an amazing time but we are ready and really looking forward to going home…

We are actively looking for our return flight out of Columbia in or around 18th July. We’ve put together a rough return schedule from arrival in Dublin, a few weeks over seeing family and friends in the UK and then back again to Ireland for my brother’s wedding in August.  It seems we’ll be on the go for a full month when we return and we’ll most likely need a holiday refresher come the wedding.

We’ve just read Jonathan’s facebook status which made us both chuckle, he has just returned from a year in Australia, it read “After a belly full of Irish Sausages and Barry’s Tea I can finally say it’s good to be home!” 

The thought of Irish sausages is making us drool, big time!

Right, best get on with enjoying our last two months!

Planned Return From To No. Days
Fly from Columbia to Dublin 18/07/2009 19/07/2009 2
Suit Fitting for Wedding 20/07/2009 20/07/2009 1
Collect Tax Information and Pack new Clothes etc. 21/07/2009 21/07/2009 1
Family and Friends in Roscommon 22/07/2009 24/07/2009 3
Fly from Knock to London 25/07/2009 25/07/2009 0
Family and Friends in Henley 25/07/2009 27/07/2009 3
Car MOT, Tax and Insurance 28/07/2009 28/07/2009 1
Family and Friends in Aylesbury 29/07/2009 05/08/2009 8
Visit Accountant, Dentist, Doctor and Post Office 06/08/2009 06/08/2009 1
Family and Friends 07/08/2009 12/08/2009 6
Drive from England to Ireland 13/08/2009 13/08/2009 1
Family and Friends in Roscommon 14/08/2009 17/08/2009 4
Church Rehearsal for Wedding 18/08/2009 18/08/2009 1
Clive and Tracey’s Wedding 19/08/2009 22/08/2009 4

La Boca

May 10th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina - (0 Comments)

We had a fantastic day walking the streets of La Boca, one of the most popular and well known tourist areas of Buenos Aires.  Known as the birthplace of the tango, this one-time shipyard has a famous walkway, the Caminito, where tango dancers perform and artists exhibit their work.

We chilled out, had a meal and a few drinks and soaked up the atmosphere.  Sadly only two or three of these photos are actually ours, our camera battery died within minutes of arriving so we had to borrow a few shots from our rommies in order to write this post.  Yes, bad planning on our part.

We would love to go back of a weekend when supposedly the streets are ram packed with performers, musicians and the like.  It was great while we were there, but you can only imagine the atmosphere…

La Boca is also known throughout the sporting world as the home of Boca Juniors, one of world’s top football clubs.  We could have gone to a game, but neither of us are all that interested in football so we decided against forking out half our monthly budget for two tourists tickets.

An amazingly colourful area. 

Buenos Aires 134

Buenos Aires 136

Buenos Aires 169

Buenos Aires 140

Buenos Aires 139

Buenos Aires 138

Buenos Aires 159

Buenos Aires 162

Buenos Aires 163

Buenos Aires 165

Buenos Aires 166

Buenos Aires 167

Buenos Aires 168

Buenos Aires 170