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Two Little Ducks

June 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Sam in Post-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

As a change to the normal run of the mill weekend activities, we took the girls swimming to Swan Leisure in Rathmines. Our second visit to a pool and they enjoyed it a little more than their first.

They did cry inconsolably for the first 15-20 minutes but then calmed down and really enjoyed it. By the end they were kicking and splashing and blowing bubbles. The centre run a family session every saturday and make sure the water temperature is turned up notch. Sam and I could have stayed there all day.

We really enjoyed the experience and the relaxing coffee and cake at the end.

I got a big slap on the wrist for taking the first photo, which I think is ridiculous, but I promised I’d delete it – yea right!

Now that we have found a really decent swimming facility close by we will take them a little more often.

Which One Am I?

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Sam in Post-Travel Posts - (3 Comments)

Which one am I? Leave your answer in the comment box :). Answer will follow, but not before I confirm with the ultimate adjudicator :).