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7 Month Update

June 20th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts

Since our last update we’ve seen some amazing developments with the girls and wanted to share these with you. Thankfully, most contribute to making our lives a little less busy and more enjoyable. We are blessed with having such wonderfully healthy, beautiful and content twin girls.

Both are emerging with two very distinctive personalities. Rosie is simply MAD and never stops from morning ’til noon – a mad hatter. She is definitely the more dominant twin. She spends most of her day giggling and laughing and wants to be the centre of attention at all times. While expelling inordinate amounts of energy throughout the day, she is a pleasure to put to bed in the evenings; she is out like a light in minutes. She wakes at the crack of dawn fully recharged and ready from the get-go! This morning she was having belts of laughter in her sleep. We haven’t seen this before and found it absolutely hilarious. We were laughing so much, it never entered our heads to try and capture it on video.

Lily on the other hand is very reserved and shy. When in larger groups she tends to be clingy and takes a while to relax and feel comfortable in her surroundings. When learning new tasks she takes her time, thinks much more in-depth and as a result performs them more efficiently or effectively. She seems to have a more thought driven process, whereas Rosie is ‘in like flynn’ and I’ll work this out eventually. It’s really funny to see their different approaches. Lily is very affectionate and loves being cuddled like her mama. She’s also a pigging nightmare to get to sleep and can take up to 45 minutes on a bad day. Hopefully this is just a phase she is going through.

We are very conscious not to refer to them as ‘the mad one’ or ‘the shy one’ or something similar. It is very common in twins to a more dominant and less dominant baby. The experts recommend not labelling from an early age as the babies can morph into their label i.e. the mad one just stays mad, whereas if left to their own devices they will change as they develop.

Only in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen some major developments (well, major in our world), both are now sitting up unaided and unsupported, they are feeding themselves with the bottle, spoon and beaker – albeit a little messy at the moment. Lynne recommended we try them drinking with a straw and sure enough it only took a few goes and they were off. Rosie started to say dada and Lily muma but now they both say mama and dada. Both say dada all day long, but when upset the say muma – it would melt your heart. We’ve also had to lower both cots just in case.

They are both in a great routine and their day is pretty predictable from 5:30am to 7:30 pm. Sam is doing an amazing job; she is an incredible mum and all the above is solely down to her. I am very grateful and lucky to have such a wonderful partner. It’s blinking hard hard work looking after two babies full-time and I’ll be the first to admit that I just couldn’t do it.

We are really enjoying our time with the girls, savouring every minute, and hopefully it will only get better as their interactions and personalities develop further.

Below are a bunch of random pictures that we have taken on our phones and camera over the last month or so. There should be some crackers in there.


































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  • Anonymous says:

    nanny and grampy luv all the pictures, but especially the ones in the green\white spotty dresses. that colour really suits them. we can’t wait to see u all in a couple of weeks! xxxx

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