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3 Months

January 21st, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts

Yesterday Sam took the girls to The Coombe Hospital for their 12 week checkup. They are not officially 12 weeks old until next Thursday but as they both recently had a virus and tummy upset we though it best to get them checked over early.

They have been feeling much better over the last few days and their appetite has returned to full tilt. It’s worrying and awful seeing them unwell but thankfully they have returned to full health without too many stains on the carpet.

The checkup was pretty comprehensive and they were both given a clean bill of health; progressing well and on target for their age as prematures. Rosie weights 9lbs 14oz and Lily 9lbs 7oz.

They have also been officially discharged from The Coombe Hospital so it’s off to our GP and Children’s Hospital if we have medical need in the future.

I think it’s at this point we now refer to their age in months rather than weeks, so they are 3 months old – sounds so old :).

Just some random pictures over the last few days.20120121-161442.jpg20120121-161449.jpg20120121-161500.jpg20120121-161507.jpg20120121-161516.jpg20120121-161522.jpg


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