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Weekend in Roscommon

January 31st, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

It was our first visit home to Roscommon since before Christmas and it was great to catch up with everybody.

We had so many plans leading up to the weekend – swimming with the girls, running the Kilbride 10k, visiting some relatives we haven’t seen in a long while – but due to illness and the weather none of the above materialised. We did fit in quite a bit though and it still felt like a really relaxing weekend.

We were up early on Saturday, out and on the road by 11, which was pretty good for us and a credit to Sam’s organisational skill. Eilish was a godsend and looked after the girls while we walked around town and had a few drinks in the local bars while sitting around the open fire – nice! On Sunday we went out for a long drive, had lunch out and then spent the afternoon catching up with friends. I had planned on running another 10k earlier in the day but it was shitting with rain and I wimped out!

We are back down in a few weeks and, if illness free, plan on taking the girls swimming then.

The below is a selection of photos from the weekend or the week leading up to it. They are all taken from my phone and some are a little out of focus, the downside to mobile blogging I’m afraid.


















Portlaoise 10k

January 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (5 Comments)

This morning Clive, Jonathan and I ran the Portlaoise 10k. We all stayed at Clive’s last night and had a great catch up over a lovely meal cooked by Clive’s wife Tracey.

The girls had to endure our long conversations centred on running; clothing distances, times, etc. etc. It probably got a little too much for them :), but the lads enjoyed it.

We all had a goal of running a sub 50 minute and we all achieved it, some better than others. Jonathan came in first with an impressive time of 45:50, then Clive and I at around the late 48 early 49 mins – we are waiting on official times to come via text. It was Jonathan’s first 10k, but definately won’t be his last – well done!

We are already organising our next run together; it’s looking like the 10k in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo in March.

Great run guys!


3 Months

January 21st, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

Yesterday Sam took the girls to The Coombe Hospital for their 12 week checkup. They are not officially 12 weeks old until next Thursday but as they both recently had a virus and tummy upset we though it best to get them checked over early.

They have been feeling much better over the last few days and their appetite has returned to full tilt. It’s worrying and awful seeing them unwell but thankfully they have returned to full health without too many stains on the carpet.

The checkup was pretty comprehensive and they were both given a clean bill of health; progressing well and on target for their age as prematures. Rosie weights 9lbs 14oz and Lily 9lbs 7oz.

They have also been officially discharged from The Coombe Hospital so it’s off to our GP and Children’s Hospital if we have medical need in the future.

I think it’s at this point we now refer to their age in months rather than weeks, so they are 3 months old – sounds so old :).

Just some random pictures over the last few days.20120121-161442.jpg20120121-161449.jpg20120121-161500.jpg20120121-161507.jpg20120121-161516.jpg20120121-161522.jpg


Guess Who?

January 20th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (6 Comments)

Sam’s been playing games with me all week, sending texts with a picture of one of the girls and simply saying “guess who?”.

This is harder than you think given that you cannot see any hair or other distinctive features we have come to rely on when telling them apart.

I think it’s quite funny and a little difficult so though I’d set the challenge upon our blog readers.

Is this Rosie or Lily?


Poorly Poorly

January 17th, 2012 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (7 Comments)

It had to happen at some point…For just over a week now the girls have been very poorly indeed. Last weekend we were sure they had broken the back of whatever virus they picked up, but it seems after a trip to the seaside on Sunday – which was cold but they were well wrapped up – they have relapsed.

Sam took them to the doctor but, other than Calpol, there was little she could prescribe as they are under three months old. For the last couple of nights they were both running a fever (around 39 degrees) but the Calpol seemed to do the trick.

They are both in bed now with Sam catching up on some much needed sleep after a very very long night!

It’s not nice seeing them this unwell.