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Daily Routine

November 19th, 2011 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (3 Comments)

It’s been two weeks since we’ve taken the girls home and, so far, it all seems to be going really well and to plan.  We were advised by many experienced parents that it’s all about routine, so we’ve tried to instill this early on.  Most will know the typical routine for a newborn but with twins it changes the dynamics a little so we’ll give you a quick run down of a 24hr period in our household:

NewImageIt probably looks much worse in a table than it is in reality.  We have a great system going whereby I do the 12 and 3am feeds and Sam does the 6 and 9am – that way we both get a decent night’s sleep.  That is until one throws us a curve ball, like getting sick and needing a complete cloths change, having tummy ache or something that requires the other to awake and provide assistance.  This week we’ve been able to complete both feeds in just over an hour – saving about 20 mins – which is a lot at 3am in the morning and times 16 feeds a day!

We’ve managed to fit in a number of walks around Phoenix Park, shopping trips and strolls to coffee shops.  We try and get out most days even if it’s only for an hour.  I also managed to fit in two 10k runs but I know realize that it’s too much too soon – I look knackered in most of the photos – I was thinking the exercise would give me some more energy, I was wrong!

I’m really enjoying my time at home with the girls, I’m two weeks into my month off and I’ve never felt so relaxed.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get out n’ about a bit more next week before the cold weather really sets in.

A number of random photos of our time at home and visits from my sister Eilish, her boyfriend Eddie and Sam’s good friend Flavia – it was great to catch up with you guys, see you all again soon.

DSC 0004

DSC 0014

DSC 0120

DSC 0013

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DSC 0033

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DSC 0044

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Hitting the Shops

November 10th, 2011 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (2 Comments)

We had to brave it at some point so why hang around.  On day three we decided we’d head into town for a spot of lunch and some shopping.  We had no idea whether we were having boys or girls and only bought neutral clothing, so it was time to splash out and go pink!

We had heard how long it would take to leave the house,  the short periods in-between feeds, all the gear we would need to take, the weather, etc. etc.  One couple we met in the in the multiple births unit said it took them three weeks to leave the house with their twins and when they did it took seven hours – so by the time they had arrived the shops were shutting.  Pure baloney!  We were out of the house within half an hour of the last feed and stayed out for five hours.  We did plan well in advance i.e. we decided we would go after the lunchtime feed and brought a feed with us.

It was a great afternoon.  We had lunch in the The Church Bar (where my mate Aurther Guinness got married) then hit the high street for the usual shops, Mothercare, Next, GAP, M&S and Boots.  We stocked up on all the essentials and got a few nice outfits to boot.  We are only just realising how much of a rip off baby cloths are, most outfits are around €18 for what essential has no more material than a man’s sock!  But all parents are smitten and like us will pay any price to see their princes or princesses dressed to impress :).

We were most definitely the centre of attention.  If we weren’t stopped every two minutes by little old lady admirers we’d have got a lot more shopping done – we’re not complaining – they were really really sweet.

A selection of photos from last night’s bathing and our afternoon out – see how blonde the girls are getting, like their mamma.

DSC 0015

DSC 0017

DSC 0021

DSC 0024

DSC 0019

DSC 0025

DSC 0032

DSC 0036

DSC 0044

DSC 0042

DSC 0049

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DSC 0054

Home Sweet Home

November 9th, 2011 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (11 Comments)

On Monday evening I brought my three girls home from The Coombe Hospital.  Sam was discharged early in the day and the girls much later.  We had to wait for Rosie to have her heal-prick test completed.  We didn’t end up leaving the hospital until around 8:30pm and it was a very cold autumn evening.  It was a very exciting moment especially as Sam had been in hospital for over two weeks and of course the fact that we were bringing our new family.

It was nerve-racking once the security tags were removed and the midwife told us that they were now our responsibility and to take care of them.  We were both looking at each other nervously, knowing that from that moment on we had sole responsible for these two precious beings.  Our car had never been driven so carefully or slowly on the journey home.

My brother Clive and his wife Tracey had the dinner on and our apartment nice a toasty for our arrival.  We were only in the door when they needed feeding and they were happy to oblige.

The staff at The Coombe were just outstanding – there to give advice, help and support at every turn.  Sam and the girls received first class care while under their supervision and for this we will be forever grateful.  We would like to offer all the doctors, nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants a heartfelt thank you!

A big thank you also to Tracey, who’s a pediatric nurse tutor, for helping us to settle in and provided advice and demonstrations on sterilizing, bottle-making, dressing etc. etc.  It was very reassuring having an experienced nurse in the house on our first night – she’s on speed dial just in case :).

So far all is going really well and I am pleased to have all three here with me safe and sound.

DSC 0107

DSC 0105

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Rosie and Lilly Owens

November 6th, 2011 | Posted by Davey in Post-Travel Posts - (13 Comments)

Rosie and Lilly Owens

On Thursday 3rd November, and after nineteen hours labour, Sam gave birth to our beautiful twin daughters, Rosie and Lilly.  Rosie was born at 5:45am weighing 5lb 1 ounce and Lilly at 5:55 weighing 5lb 5 ounces.

It was a very difficult labour and delivery – times two of course – sparing you the gory details.  We’ve had Lilly for the last couple of days but Rosie had some breathing difficulties and had to be incubated in intensive care.  Both were also on antibiotics.  Just this morning we were united as a family – very emotional – a combination of tiredness, excitement and relief.  Sam had only seen Rosie once up until this point.

Rosie and Lilly have very different characteristics and personalities.  Lilly is very laid back – a nightmare to feed – taking very much after her mum.  Whereas Rosie is always awake and energetic, drinks like a trooper and farts like a steam train, need I say any more.  It’s very hard at this stage to say whom they look like, they both have light coloured hair, Lilly is more blond and Rosie mousey brown, a combination of both of us.

It’s very easy to distinguish Lilly, she has all the bruises – and looks like she’s gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson – a result of being delivered by foresepts.  Just this morning the nurse – who hadn’t seen here before – reported her to the doctor as she was concerned about the bruises, thinking it was some form of abuse.  We knew nothing of this until the doctor arrived and quietly prompted her to read the baby’s notes, where it was all explained.

Thank you to all our family and friends that have been calling, texting and leaving well wish messages.  Sorry it has taken this long to upload some pictures, it didn’t seem fair or right to upload pictures until we know they were safe and well with their mummy and daddy.

All our lover and best wished

Davey, Sam, Rosie and Lilly.

DSC 0297

DSC 0312

DSC 0316

DSC 0318

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