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Roatan, Honduras

July 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 20-Honduras

A quick catch up on some posts as they will be rather thin on the ground from this day forward due to a lack of electricity here on the beautiful Caribbean island of Roatan in Honduras.  Things could be worse .

We had a rather quick and pleasant flight from Mexico City to San Pedro Sula.  Because of the political coup all roads were closed so we had to take two 15min flights on these toy planes.  All things considered, we arrived safely and in one piece.  How these planes flew I’ll never know, they must have been at least 40 years old.  The pilot had his hand out the window throughout! – keeping himself cool I assume.

We checked into a lovely room, $25 a night with a shared bathroom and kitchen, and will be here for the next two weeks.  We have done a couple of dives so far but you’ll have to wait a bit for the pics, they are just amazing.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us in the next week or so, the electricity is due to shut down, all part of coup, and we have have a 9pm curfu.  Other than that the island is nothing short of paradise and we are loving every minute of it. 

Honduras 021

Honduras 014

Honduras 011

Honduras 019

Honduras 350

Honduras 274

Honduras 328

Honduras 349

Honduras 352

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