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Lake shiticaca

June 21st, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 17-Bolivia

Following our Pampas tour we headed back to La Paz for another night and then onto Copacabana, a small town on the edge of  Lake Titicaca (on the Bolivian side), the largest lake in SA.

Tourists flock here in their droves, but for what we are still unsure, it is just a lake…why were we expecting anything more?  There are several tours you can do on the lake, floating islands, trout fishing etc.  We declined and headed off the following day. 

We did however enjoy our time in Copacabana, the only town in the world where they christen vehicles.  Men and women from every walk of life from around Bolivia make the journey here annually to have their taxi, buses, lorries etc. blessed.  If, it seems, your vehicle is a revenue generator then it should be blessed with good fortune for the coming months.

That evening, we saw the ritual being carried out on an American Hummer, we didn’t take out our camera for fear of being shot.  A clear sign that the drug trade in Bolivia, the largest producer of cocaine in the world, is reaping the rewards and clearly the owner wanted his good fortunes to continue.

Our last stop in Bolivia before we head into Peru.  We’ve been here just shy of a month and cannot speak highly enough of the Bolivian people and their culture, the country should be a must for any traveller in South America.

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