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Iguazu National Park

May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina

Right on the border of Brazil and Argentina lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iguazu National Park.  Some 275 waterfalls plunging from heights up to 80m in an awesome, deafening display.

A hectic day getting around the park, 6 hours pretty much non stop.  So much to see: the Upper and Lower Circuit Trails, San Martin Island and the mighty Garganta del Diablo Trail which hosts the mother of all waterfalls and it’s what people are referring to when they say the Iguazu Falls.

Water aside, the 55,000 hectare park is a natural wonderland of sub-tropical rainforest with over 2,000 plant species, 400 bird species and many mammals and reptiles.  We got a fair few out of focus shots of some unusual animals but seen plenty plenty more on our way around.

The boffs take in the waterfalls from both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Not us, one was enough.  At the end of the day you have pictures of waterfalls from every angle, as you’ll see below, do you need more?  In all it was a great day out and well worth the £6 entrance fee.

UNESCO World Heritage Site #35

Puerto Iguazu 263

Puerto Iguazu 265

Puerto Iguazu 284

Puerto Iguazu 266

Puerto Iguazu 267

Puerto Iguazu 270

Puerto Iguazu 019

Puerto Iguazu 022

Puerto Iguazu 028

Puerto Iguazu 040

Puerto Iguazu 045

Puerto Iguazu 060

Puerto Iguazu 056

Puerto Iguazu 087

Puerto Iguazu 090

Puerto Iguazu 104

Puerto Iguazu 148

Puerto Iguazu 152

Puerto Iguazu 158

Puerto Iguazu 181

Puerto Iguazu 188

Puerto Iguazu 216

Puerto Iguazu 246

Puerto Iguazu 097

Puerto Iguazu 071

Puerto Iguazu 101

Puerto Iguazu 189

Puerto Iguazu 248

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  • Tim K says:

    Nice rainbows but those cats look a bit odd !

    Just FYI, the new mobile-friendly option is a big improvement :)

  • Del says:

    I agree very usefull!!
    Well guys the count down clock is ticking very loadly now! We are back from Egypt now! looks like your Birthday went well!
    We are all looking forward to seeing you both!
    Take care on the last bits!!

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