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Nearing the end…

May 19th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 14-Argentina

Time to start planning our return leg.  We’ve had, and are still having, an amazing time but we are ready and really looking forward to going home…

We are actively looking for our return flight out of Columbia in or around 18th July. We’ve put together a rough return schedule from arrival in Dublin, a few weeks over seeing family and friends in the UK and then back again to Ireland for my brother’s wedding in August.  It seems we’ll be on the go for a full month when we return and we’ll most likely need a holiday refresher come the wedding.

We’ve just read Jonathan’s facebook status which made us both chuckle, he has just returned from a year in Australia, it read “After a belly full of Irish Sausages and Barry’s Tea I can finally say it’s good to be home!” 

The thought of Irish sausages is making us drool, big time!

Right, best get on with enjoying our last two months!

Planned Return From To No. Days
Fly from Columbia to Dublin 18/07/2009 19/07/2009 2
Suit Fitting for Wedding 20/07/2009 20/07/2009 1
Collect Tax Information and Pack new Clothes etc. 21/07/2009 21/07/2009 1
Family and Friends in Roscommon 22/07/2009 24/07/2009 3
Fly from Knock to London 25/07/2009 25/07/2009 0
Family and Friends in Henley 25/07/2009 27/07/2009 3
Car MOT, Tax and Insurance 28/07/2009 28/07/2009 1
Family and Friends in Aylesbury 29/07/2009 05/08/2009 8
Visit Accountant, Dentist, Doctor and Post Office 06/08/2009 06/08/2009 1
Family and Friends 07/08/2009 12/08/2009 6
Drive from England to Ireland 13/08/2009 13/08/2009 1
Family and Friends in Roscommon 14/08/2009 17/08/2009 4
Church Rehearsal for Wedding 18/08/2009 18/08/2009 1
Clive and Tracey’s Wedding 19/08/2009 22/08/2009 4

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3 Responses

  • eilish says:

    Hi guys, really looking forward to seeing you both cant wait now…. I am finally on the road thank god im driving a fiesta 95 with power stiring….. id id let ye know.

    Any way chat ye later looking forward to seeing you real soon.

    love Eilish xxx

  • Tim K says:

    You have not detailed your bowel movements in here. Either you are going to plan this stuff properly or not…

  • Clive says:

    Pre departure – best get working on the tans…. :)

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