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Wi-Fi in abundance

April 27th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 13-Chile

We really have been so impressed with wireless access (Wi-Fi) in SA that it warranted a post.  Since the day we arrived in Chili we have been connected.  Shops restaurants, cafes and of course hostels and hotels all have free Wi-Fi and provide the access key without question.  Most connections are at least 2mbps.

Here’s the best one – they even have Wi-Fi on the buses!  I couldn’t believe it, I was stunned when I seen the man next to us surfing the web, checked on my iPhone and sure enough there it was.  I had a conversation with my brother Clive on Skype or Facebook (can’t remember) for most of one journey.  I think the UK, Ireland and the wider world could learn a thing or two.

Most tourists give out about the state of the technology here as internet cafe’s have computers running Windows 95 or 98 at best.  If, like us, you have your own devices you are laughing.

Australia and New Zealand had Wi-Fi but charged between $6–9 in the campsites, cheaper in the internet cafes of course.  A damn ripoff and a disgrace in my book.

Ironically, I listened to a great RTE podcast yesterday (Today with Pat Kenny), interviewing Martin Murphy, the Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Ireland.  The focus was the state of the Irish economy but also touched on the subject of intellectual property.  He, and the government, believes that Ireland’s future is in intellectual property but they need to invest in technology in order to do so.  He believes that every school, home and business should have free access to a 21st century communications infrastructure, thus creating a smart workforce and intern a smart economy.  Couldn’t agree more. It was simply inspirational.

That impressed, I sent my CV into HP.


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  • Tim says:

    In Paris free Wi-Fi was almost non-existent. Very frustrating.

    I hope you are following the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico. It is not a matter to be underestimated. Non-essential travel to regions at the centre of the outbreak is already being advised against and although it might turn into a pandemic affecting countries across the globe I’d rather be in a country with good anti-viral products if I fell ill.

    Please let us know that you are keeping up to speed with this…then if it fizzles out you have lost nothing. Certainly avoid Mexico City and the southern US for the time being. K ?

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