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Still in Valparaiso

April 26th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 13-Chile | UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Our second and last day in Valparaiso so we though we would upload some more photos with an emphasis on buildings and the city as opposed to the heritage area. 

Sam dragged me around the old quarter again in search of weird and wonderful doors (above all things) so she could collate a collage/montage at some point.  There were no shortage and we (well, she) did manage to get some crackers – I’m sure she will give you a peek once finished. 

We should have taken a few pictures of our hostel as it was a very cosy and friendly establishment and the German and Chilean proprietors were top class.  They encourage guests to eat and social together – we never have a problem there – but we did anyway and ended up drinking wine until the early hours.  There is a lot to be said for travelling but it’s the people and places you stay at that really make the experience.

I’ve just noticed, having just selected these photos, that I’m in the majority of them (ah well) – that’s because Sam was on her door mission and I didn’t get a look in all day – sorry about that.

Valparaiso 111

Valparaiso 110

Valparaiso 075

Valparaiso 073

Valparaiso 101

Valparaiso 076

Valparaiso 043

Valparaiso 064

Valparaiso 050

Valparaiso 051

Valparaiso 067

Valparaiso 082

Valparaiso 086

Valparaiso 090

Valparaiso 092

Valparaiso 093

Valparaiso 123

Valparaiso 127

Valparaiso 166

Valparaiso 210

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