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Colourful Valparaiso

April 25th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 13-Chile | UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Although we enjoyed the city of Santiago we were glad to leave and head for for the World Heritage City of Valparaiso. Also home to the famous poet and nobel prize winner Pablo Neruda.

An arty-farty place with charming quirky coloured buildings perched on the hilltops.  Even the grafitti is colourful and wild and a sight to behold.  We spend a full day walking with the odd restbite in it’s many cafes.  We have tried to capture and display as many pictures as possible. The city itself is huge and one with irregular street patterns (no map will help you here), and steeply hilly – a good calf workout!

Predominately a port city and once a leading merchant town before the opening of the panama canal in 1914.  Only parts of the city are listed under World Heritage and we managed to booked into a lovely quaint hostel right in the heart of it.

Estamos disfrutando de nuestra estancia aqui (we are enjoying our stay here). 

Valparaiso 044

Valparaiso 037

Valparaiso 001

Valparaiso 006

Valparaiso 008

Valparaiso 010

Valparaiso 014

Valparaiso 016

Valparaiso 022

Valparaiso 026

Valparaiso 061

Valparaiso 024

Valparaiso 084

Valparaiso 149

Valparaiso 085

Valparaiso 053

Valparaiso 054

Valparaiso 055

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2 Responses

  • Richy says:

    Davey, sorry not been on facebook in so long I have forgotted my password so can’t reply on there, anyway Irish I see you have not put much time in to your tan old boy! Looks like you are having a better time than most of us, if you have not heard we are in a recession and so you had better not come back until 2012 at the earliest, you may need to start apple picking to keep you going, but I hear you can eat as much as you like, Wahoooooo!, Richy

  • Del says:

    Hola Tipos!
    Tienen cuidado con la gripe de cerdo!!!!!!!!!!x

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