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Skydiving in Taupo

April 17th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 12-New Zealand

Hurtling to earth from 12,000ft at 200km/h is an activity we though would never be included on our world trip, but we did it, and boy we will never regret it for a second! 

As most of you know, in a previous life I had a terrible fear of flying, to the point where I almost refused to get on a plane even for an hour jaunt from England to Ireland.  Thankfully, after a few sessions of Hypnosis I am relieved of that anxiety.  Never in a million years did I ever believe I would be able to jump from a plane and free fall from such a height.

It is worth all the hype, the 45 seconds of high-speed free fall was the most thrilling experience we have ever felt and are ever likely to feel again. It almost didn’t happen.  When we had the introduction and seen the video, I said I wasn’t doing it and that was that.  No way hosey!  Not because I was nervous at that particular point but I knew I would be when they opened the door hatch and would probably refuse to jump.  But after some persuasion from Sam I signed up and, once we handed over our cash, there was no turning back.

Surprisingly, I never felt that nervous.  I was last to board which meant I was first to jump – all I needed – and as the plane took off the tension did build a little.  Sam kept asking how I was, but I was still surprisingly calm.  I kept a watchful eye on the pressure gauge and as the needle rose my anal contractions followed.  Then a green light came on and it all happened in a flash – door opened, I shuffled an inch or two to the left until my legs were dangling, head back and we were off.  A 3–4 second period of sensory overload, no idea where you are, but then it all kicks into place and you can’t believe what you are seeing – flying like a bird.  Wow. Awesome. Incredible. 45 seconds feels like half an hour.  When they pull the parachute you glide for further 3–4 mins; take in the views while your body deals with the adrenalin rush/overload.  Before long you are touching solid ground again – some 5 mins in total.  What an experience!

Not until we were enjoying a refreshing drink did Sam tell me that she secretly arranged for me to jump first!  I feel betrayed!

Not only has this trip been the best decision we have ever made, it has changed our lives forever and probably in ways we will never know.  We see and act differently without knowing.  I suppose this is the ‘enrichment’ everybody keeps talking about.  I would never have done this jump 12–months ago that’s for sure!  This was a real high for us both and we savoured every minute. 

Wait until you see the video, I’m like a lunatic in the air while Sam is as quite as a mouse.  We’d do it again tomorrow.  Oh, and we have the t-shirts .














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5 Responses

  • Tim says:

    I’m really pleased. Whenever I hear people talk about a fear such as yours preventing them from doing the things they might want to it is disappointing. You have proved that such fears can be conquered and that the effort in so doing is REALLY worth it.

    Well done the two of you…you’ll be flying helicopters with your relatives all too soon.

  • Paul says:

    Unreal Guys!!

    The last few posts were hard to top but this latest one describing your skydiving was incredible. Congrats to you both.

    The only question now is…how on earth are you guys ever going to return to a 9-5 world??


  • Del says:

    This is the Guy who did’nt want to bungy!!!Wow I am in Awe!!!

  • Jonathan says:

    You guys are nuts! am I think New Zealand is making you even crazier! – like Del – I’m in Awe!

  • Clive says:

    The plot thickens……. It just gets better and better! This is an amazing post guys!! Well done to both of you.

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