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March 7th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia

We’re not sure if we’ve ever covered this in a post so we though we’d upload a picture or two of what backpacking and hostel life is really like – it’s not for everybody!

We stayed in G’Day Backpackers right in the heart of Sydney and a stones throw away from infamous Kings Cross.  It was a little run down in comparison to some hostels but the atmosphere was welcoming and craic was good.  Most evenings after a hard days touring (or working for some) we’d sit in the the courtyard and have a few beers and somebody would bring out a guitar and play a few tunes.  There is something in it for everybody, if you travelling alone you will meet loads and make friends, if you’re a couple (like us) you can bugger off to a local bar for a few hours knowing your misus is safe with the girls in or outdoors.

That’s the good stuff, now the bad.  Generally these places are filthy, you have all kinds of weirdos staying and some messy tramps as well.  Few clean up after themselves so inevitably after a few hours the kitchen looks like a bombs hit it. The picture below is of our 10 bed dorm – what a mess.  Guys and girls come in at all hours in the night talking, shouting, lights and tv on all night.  Getting a half decent nights sleep is out of the question. And then there’s the all night shagging, yes it happens, guys and girls come in at all hours loaded to the gills with drink randy as tomcats and shag for all to hear – even a polite ‘be quiet’ is laughed at or even encourages them to up the tempo!

So there you have it, sometimes it’s good but mostly its bad and takes a little getting used to.  In saying that, we’ve had great times at most and it hasn’t deterred us in any way.  Is it for you, that’s the question?

That’s it for us here in Oz, we’ve had a great time and memories for a lifetime, next post will be from the green lands of New Zealand.

Sydney 188

Sydney 190

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2 Responses

  • Tim says:

    Yeah…just not my thing. I can live in my own filth but not that of random strangers. I think you’d enjoy living with the people at Number 3 looking at that. They play guitars and make a mess in the middle of the night too !

  • Dazza says:


    I have to say I much preferred the pictures of Zoe’s legs to a dirty old hostel room floor.

    Do you have any more?

    Glad you are enjoying life – I am just loving it!!

    Take care both of you – and don’t worry about the rugby, England have won all of their games and Ireland are rubbish this year so you aren’t missing anything :-)


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