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A pothead’s heaven

February 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia

Finally after hearing so many good stories we finally arrived in the infamous Nimbin.  Having drove through the centre on the way to the campsite we knew we’d have a relaxing few few days while smoking (I mean soaking) up the atmosphere. 

The Lonely Planet has a rather amusing description “Landing in Nimbin can be like entering a social experiment, particularly at noon, when the Byron day-trippers arrive en mass and find themselves hectored by dreadlocked, tie-dyed pot dealers on the main street.  This is the stereotype, of course (not all the pot dealers wear tie-dye), and Nimbin’s residents and culture are actually far more eclectic.  A day or two here will reveal a growing artist community, a new age culture and welcoming locals”.

Exactly right. It’s just a mecca for pot smokers where the local police seem to turn a blind eye most of the time – it is so obvious and on show, you’d think it was wholly legal.  We stayed two nights and enjoyed every minute, albeit a few pounds heavier having scoffed several bars of chocolate in trying to soften the munchies!

Nimbin 005

Nimbin 002

Nimbin 004

Nimbin 019

Nimbin 013

Nimbin 006

Nimbin 028

Nimbin 033

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