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A pothead’s heaven

February 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia - (2 Comments)

Finally after hearing so many good stories we finally arrived in the infamous Nimbin.  Having drove through the centre on the way to the campsite we knew we’d have a relaxing few few days while smoking (I mean soaking) up the atmosphere. 

The Lonely Planet has a rather amusing description “Landing in Nimbin can be like entering a social experiment, particularly at noon, when the Byron day-trippers arrive en mass and find themselves hectored by dreadlocked, tie-dyed pot dealers on the main street.  This is the stereotype, of course (not all the pot dealers wear tie-dye), and Nimbin’s residents and culture are actually far more eclectic.  A day or two here will reveal a growing artist community, a new age culture and welcoming locals”.

Exactly right. It’s just a mecca for pot smokers where the local police seem to turn a blind eye most of the time – it is so obvious and on show, you’d think it was wholly legal.  We stayed two nights and enjoyed every minute, albeit a few pounds heavier having scoffed several bars of chocolate in trying to soften the munchies!

Nimbin 005

Nimbin 002

Nimbin 004

Nimbin 019

Nimbin 013

Nimbin 006

Nimbin 028

Nimbin 033

We spent three days and two night in Lamington National Park, part of the World Heritage listing ‘Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves’.  A landscape characterised by rugged mountain scenery, subtropical rainforest, fern gullies, wildflower heaths and Queensland’s best bushwalking trails.

We had an amazing 3 days trekking the jungle and seeing some varied wildlife – satin and regent bowerbirds, pademelons (a type of small wallaby) and rare and threatened species such as the coxens fig parrot and eastern bristlebord.  Thankfully, the only species that posed any danger were snakes and we seen none.

Lamington has around 160km of walking tracks within the park.  Our favourites were the tree-top canopy and the 21km Border Track circuit that follows the dividing range between NSW and Queensland.  In all we walked a good 20hrs. We seen the most amazing creatures, waterfalls and trees.  You’ll see a great shot of me sitting on a waterfall edge – where we shouldn’t have been – looking down was the most amazing adrenalin rush ever!

UNESCO World Heritage Site #21

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 145

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 155

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 197

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 207

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 215

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 223

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 251

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 259

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 297

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 298

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 315

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 367

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 368

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 406

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 416

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 418

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 434

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 444

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves 452

A few nights in Scarborough

February 20th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia - (0 Comments)

Following our get together in Noosa, we headed further south to meet up again with Jonathan, Triona, Diarmuid and Nara and their extended family at their home in Scarborough just outside of Brisbane.   Like us, they have taken ‘a year out’ from the rat race and have been happily settled here for the last seven months.

We knew we were in for a real treat as we drove through town, beautiful houses with yachts parked in marinas at the bottom of their gardens – the place had style written all over it!

Serious rest and relaxation was needed and it’s exactly what we got; 3 days chilling in the pool in-between walks and coffee breaks at the local restaurants and, we slept in a comfortable bed for the first time in months – thanks Diarmuid :-).

We were so chilled out we forgot to take the camera out apart from the few shots we took of us messing around in the pool – Jonathan and Diarmuid took plenty with their underwater camera.  When Diarmuid finished school it was straight into the water for some acrobatic dives and general fooling about.  In the evenings and until the early hours Jonathan and I would put the world to right over a few bottles of beer or wine.

We had a great few days and enjoyed the catch up and their company so much – thank you guys for your hospitality and we’ll see you all again in August. 

East Coast - General 215

East Coast - General 221

East Coast - General 242

East Coast - General 254

East Coast - General 262

East Coast - General 279

Family day out!

February 12th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia - (0 Comments)

After seven months on the road the day had come to catch up Jonathan, Triona, Diarmuid and beautiful little Nara. They too have taken time out and are living on the outskirts of Brisbane for a year.  Jonathan’s extended family, Denise, Jenny, Tim, Sadie-May and Lillian also came to meet us.

We spent a few hours playing ball games on the beach and generally just relaxing.  I picked up my new surf board just minutes before and having had a few hints from Jonathan I was ready for the off.  That great action shot taken by Sam was the first time I stood on the board, but just for a nano second.

In the evening we went went out for a lovely meal, had some wine and laughed lots – it was really great to catch up.  We agreed we would stay with them for a few days in Brisbane.

Sorry for the lack of photographs, we spent too much time chatting and playing and the day was over before we knew it.

East Coast - General 084

East Coast - General 087

East Coast - General 097

East Coast - General 103

East Coast - General 107

East Coast - General 114

Beautiful Noosa

February 12th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 11-Australia - (0 Comments)

This place rocks! With crystalline waters, Noosa delivers fine surf, fine sun, fine food (Sam’s) and awesome accommodation. Recommended by my brother Jonathan, we headed to Noosa for a few days and planned to meet up with him and his extended family for some quality relaxation time.  Before we met up we had a day to ourselves and too full advantage.

The sun was cracking the stones, the first time we’d seen this intensity in over two weeks – well over 30 degrees.  We spent most of our time on Main Beach, a real surfers’ paradise with waves over 12ft, went shopping and caught up on some chores.

We stayed at Noosa River Caravan Park – the best yet – the facilities were awesome and we tied up our hammock for the first time in months and just relaxed. Oh, and had a few tinnies!

The pink inflatable was my training for the real surf!

East Coast - General 050

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