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January 7th, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 10-Indonesia

We’ve spent the last few days touring the island of Lombok, our last stop before Oz, and it has been nothing but pure pleasure.  There is something rather special about life here and the rest of Indonesia; friendship, family and happiness simply outweigh a life with material comforts and it’s truly inspiring.

We toured from Senggigi to Kuta and around and up to Bayan, a total of  20 hours on our moped, about two thirds of the island.  We drove through some pretty remote villages well off the beaten track and were treated like celebrates most of the time.  Children have nothing more than a football or a fishing rod to keep themselves entertained and it seems adequate – no playstaions or TV.  Their passion for music is lifting, children and adults play the guitar on street corners, busses, the roadside, on mopeds and everywhere else imaginable.  The only English they know are the lyrics to songs like ‘a hard day’s night’ by the beatles or ‘where the streets have no name’ by U2 – and boy can they play! We wished we had learned the guitar so we could join in, but they loved to play and keep everybody entertained.

We have enjoyed our stay Indonesia more than most and it will be sad to leave.  If nothing else, it has shown us the true meaning and what is important in life.

Lombok 011

Lombok 012

Lombok 045

Lombok 074

Lombok 092

Lombok 203

Lombok 241

Lombok 419

Lombok 470

Lombok 479

Lombok 534

Lombok 632

Lombok 635

Lombok 651

Lombok 711

Lombok 743

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  • Melissa says:

    Crikey guys, what a panic!!! hopefully you are now in Oz?, i’m sure it’s bloody alot hotter than here? Two days ago it was -12, Brrrrrrrrr!!
    Hope you are both well and safe xxx

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