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January 1st, 2009 | Posted by Davey in 10-Indonesia

An island that boasts the least rainfall of all of Indonesia, but yet, we’ve been here only 4 days and it hasn’t stopped shitting with rain.  Dammit.  We wanted to rent some bikes for the last few days and go off exploring but the thunder, lightening and monsoon rain had rendered us confined to either a bar or our hostel.

Last night the lightening and thunder was absolutely spectacular.  Scary but exhilarating.  Sam spent the night under the covers while dodging the leaks.  It hasn’t stopped all night and right through to this afternoon.

There is no freshwater on the island, other than bottled, so I’ve been showering alfresco in our bathroom which is partially exposed to the elements.  There’s nothing worse than having a shower in saltwater.

Every night there is a party in some allocated bar but tonight is the mother of all parties with it being New Year’s Eve.  Hopefully the rain will clear so we can go check it out!

Gilli Islands 239

Gilli Islands 250

Gilli Islands 251

Gilli Islands 252

Gilli Islands 274

Gilli Islands 270

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  • Tim K says:

    I’d just like to personally thank Sam for framing that photo so that we do not have to KNOW whether your alfresco showering was also au naturel. There are some things we don’t need to share.


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