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December 9th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 09-Malaysia

Our first port of entry into Malaysia and where better to start but Langkawi it’s best known holiday destination.  It’s one of those places whose name alone summons up images of tropical romance and carefree days under swaying coconut palms. 

After an enjoyable 2.5hrs boat ride from Ko Lanta, we arrived and were slightly taken aback by its development compared to most islands we visited in SE Asia; Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC and many more brands made us salivate as we searched for a taxi – thankfully we resisted. 

As we were heading straight for the backpacker area we didn’t feel the need to secure accommodation in advance!  How wrong were we!  After a long search, which annoyed the taxi driver somewhat, we found a dorm (last pic).  Most places tell us it’s ‘peak season´ in an effort to justify the price, but this place is really really busy. Malaysia has a population of 27 million and most of its affluent residents holiday here a least a couple of weeks a year.

Ten minutes to change and off to the beach – wow incredible – the sand’s like flour literally.  We spent the evening chilling on the beach with friends (Tony and Sally) while watching the beautiful sunset.

On day 2 we went on a few excursions to 3 of its 99 islands, watched eagle feeding, snorkeled, swam in a fresh water lake, feed the monkeys cheerios (5th Pic) and then soaked up the sun on a private beach which was rather quite and beautiful. Hopefully you’ll have noticed our ever darkening tans  – bring it on!

Everything here is really really expensive, easily double what we’ve paid on other beach resorts, so we are thinking it’ll be a rather short visit en route to Indonesia.

Lankwaki 033

Lankwaki 040

Lankwaki 050

Lankwaki 104

Lankwaki 101

Lankwaki 136

Lankwaki 164

Lankwaki 179

Lankwaki 173

Lankwaki 198

Lankwaki 204

Lankwaki 178

Lankwaki 206

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5 Responses

  • Chris says:

    That’s a tan is it Dave? I just thought your freckles were joining up…

  • Tim K says:

    Funnily that was the thing *I* noticed too. We have all also noticed Sam’s acceptance of having her photo taken after years of hiding from the camera.

    Speaking of which it looks like your camera is back on form or you have a new one because the pictures look good but the one of the monkey is remarkably sharp.

  • Del says:

    well what a tan you have Sam!! Oh sorry thats the monkey!!xx

  • Roberto says:

    Just writing to let you know that I have been stalking your blog since K&T gave me the link. I feel really jealous every time I read it.

    Take care


    ps: David, did you lose weight?
    pss: btw congratulations`

  • Tony says:

    Nice shout out. Where’ve you got to? i skipped Sumatra in its entirety and made it half way across java, gonig to some volcanos further east soon… expect u to catch up any second now….! Those orangutangs look awsome :)

    Everything gonig amazing i assume?

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