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Ko Lanta

December 4th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand

You must be sick seeing pictures of us doing nothing other than lying on the beach soaking up the sun.  It’s difficult to scramble a few words together, especially as we’ve done absolutely nothing since arriving on Ko Lanta – a 1–hour skip down the east cost from Ko Phi Phi.

Definitely a kick-back island and a place to get away from the tourist hullabaloo.  The lack of jet-skis and girly bars makes it a far cry from Ko Phi Phi, but we’ve had enough of that – need to be all responsibe now that I’m engaged .  The island doesn’t have those stunning cliffs found all around the Krabi Province, or even particularly good coral; what is does have is miles of sandy beaches and a seriously laid back ambiance – exactly why we came and stayed as long as we have.

We’ll start with a picture of Jack (Jack Sparrow) a bartender.  There are 5 barmen with enough work for 1.  That’s also him and another barman (Boon, or Baboon as he likes to call himself) in the second picture asleep.  Ironically, it’s called Freedom Bar – anybody want a job?

The rest of the pictures are just random, more can be seen on the Pictures tab, No.41.

Ko Lanta - Thailand 159

Ko Lanta - Thailand 163

Ko Lanta - Thailand 012

Ko Lanta - Thailand 040

Ko Lanta - Thailand 043

Ko Lanta - Thailand 154

Ko Lanta - Thailand 072

Ko Lanta - Thailand 067

Ko Lanta - Thailand 096

Ko Lanta - Thailand 113

Ko Lanta - Thailand 132

Ko Lanta - Thailand 129

Ko Lanta - Thailand 138

Ko Lanta - Thailand 149

Ko Lanta - Thailand 151

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