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Bastard bed bugs

November 20th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 04-Thailand

Sam had a herendious few days following our stay in Ko Tao.  We went to bed knowing there were crawlies everywhere, but had no idea they were the eating kind and very hungry at that.

Sam woke on our our first morning covered with welts and shaking, literally, from the anaesthetic they inject.  We had a quick read on the net and followed the advice – plenty of antihistamines and soothing cream – and thankfully she is now well on the mend.  Not the kind of thing you want when wearing a bikini – it looks like a bad case of acne.

Before we get any smartarse comments, yes I was sleeping beside her (and not on couch as it were), but it seems my blood is not near as tasty.  I had a few bites, but they obviously got bored trying to pierce my thick skin and moved onto the easy prey next to me.  Poor thing was was covered from head to toe.

Travelling can be great fun .

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