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10 things we did in China

November 12th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 08-China

10 things we did during our 15 days:

1. Sang along on the karoke bus.

2. Amused the locals with our woolly hats. 

3. Avoided food poisoning, amazingly!

4. Hiked the 4th New Wonder of the World.

5. Played and won at Texas Hold’em [best poker face ever].

6. Drank far too much Tsingtao Beer – pure piss, but cheap.

7. Spent far too much money with nothing to show for it [apart from damaged livers].

8. Learned absolutely no Mandarin other than ‘Ni Hao’.

9. Smoked 20 cigs a day by choice, and 90 with without [pollution].

10. Watched a whole series of House [Hugh Laurie].

2008-10-28 - Xi'an

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