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Pingyao to Beijing

November 9th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 08-China

Another great train journey.  We went to Pingyao train station days in advance to get tickets to Beijing, only to told that there were no sleeper compartments left (hard or otherwise) or seats so we were left with cattle class – that’s plonk your ass wherever takes your fancy – woopppeee!

We left at 7pm and braved 12hrs sitting on our rucksacks in the smoking section in between two windy carriages. There is a silver lining however, at least the clouds of smoke drowned the stench of piss (or ammonia) from the French style squatting toilets either side.

Our colds were on the mend but we now feel ropey again. Still, this means we are now officially quadruple hard traveller types.  Backpacking is not all about chilling and drinking beer you know…

Ping Yao 265

Ping Yao 269

Ping Yao 288

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  • Tim K says:

    Aw…poor Sam. She looks so little. Mind you, poor you – even over the train noise I can hear the coughing.

    Once again, lovely experience…glad I’m not having it !

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