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Typical sightseeing day

October 24th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 07-Laos

Away from the party scene there is plenty to do and see in Vang Veing.  We hired a moped and headed off for the day with a group of folks we met throughout our stay and whom you’ve seen in many previous photos.  The countryside is beautiful pretty with activities to easily fill an afternoon.

A quick run through a sightseeing day:

The standard moped in Asia, a Honda 125 semi-automatic, sounds like a weapon!

Vang Veing 486

A typical village scene, dusty roads with bamboo houses on either side.

Vang Veing 418

All the locals bath and wash their clothes in the river, an amazing sight.  This is usually a chore for the ladies.

Vang Veing 319

Phukhan Cave, scary if you are slightly claustrophobic.  We spent most of our time crawling through the nooks and crannies.

Vang Veing 297

Putting on a brave face!  You crawl for quite a distance and get very dirty in the process.

Vang Veing 306

After caving, time for a wash and to cool off in one of many lagoons surrounding the mountains.  Almost all provide a swing of sorts – very enjoyable and cool in the midday sun.

Vang Veing 328

My first plunge of the day!  This particular lagoon was very shallow, about 4ft deep, as I quickly learned when my ass hit the gravel.

Vang Veing 331

These local lads were very very amusing.  They spent the afternoon harpooning the lagoon and cooked their catch on a couple of burning logs.  The remainder of their catch they brought home for supper.

Vang Veing 345

We just missed what would have been the best shots of the day, these young monks (about 20 in total) diving and summersaulting in the lagoon.  We seen them from a far but as we got closer they were out of the water and ready to leave.

Vang Veing 396

Our favourite lagoon of the day with almost tropical water which run down from the mountain.  It was so deep you could dive from a great height, which I did on several occasions but only caught on video.

Vang Veing 406

After our swim it was time for a beer and rest, sightseeing can be a little tiring at times .

Vang Veing 411

Fixing a puncture on this all-round vehicle – with a trailer similar to this, most are used as buses between villages.

Vang Veing 436

The locals using the Mekong for their daily bath, we didn’t want to hang around too long for obvious reasons.

Vang Veing 510

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