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Partying hard

October 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 07-Laos

This is pretty much a typical day here in the party town of Vang Veing: up at around 10am for a Full English, hire some bikes or motorcycles for a few hours sightseeing, lunch and a couple of beers before an afternoon siesta, off to the internet cafe to check emails etc, meet up as a group for dinner, beers, beers and more beers , off to the Bucket Bar (below) for beers or cocktails in buckets until 11pm and finish off in a late nigh bar before bed.  Up and do it all over again – get us out of here please… before our livers give way!

This travelling lark is crap, we are bored and wished we were back home WORKING!

Vang Veing 226

Vang Veing 229

Vang Veing 227

Vang Veing 233

Vang Veing 235

Vang Veing 254

Vang Veing 239

Vang Veing 244

Vang Veing 249

Vang Veing 253

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