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Tubing in Vang Veing

October 22nd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 07-Laos

The minute we stepped foot in Asia all we heard was ‘tubing in Vang Veing’.  Reluctantly , we gave it a try and boy was it everything we expected and more.

Basically, you rent a tube for around $4 and get taken to the top of the river and float down stopping off at many cocktail bars. Within 3 minutes, there are locals along the bank enticing you in for a drink – they have big long bamboo sticks that you grab so they can pull you in  – it’s brilliant.

All the bars have these crazy zip lines and swing ropes that go out over the water, sometimes up to 20m high (see the pics) . The local BeerLao costs about $1 and most throw in free shots of the local Lao Lao liqueur. The more adventurous can order happy shots containing magic mushrooms, opium or marijuana.

Loads of alcohol (and drugs if one wished) mixed with swing ropes and zip lines makes for a great afternoon. As with most of these countries, there’s not much for safety standards, so many were carrying bruises or worse as the day progressed, but I guess that makes it all the more fun. 

We had so much fun we stayed at the last bar too long and ended up tubing down the river in the dark – a little scary.  It was definitely the most adrenalin filled day of our trip so far.

We used our underwater housing unit and took a ton of pics and some videos which we are unable to show you.  The last pic is my favourite, me heading down the water slide head first – Sam only managed to capture my legs – you do go pretty fast and I landed flat on the water – it did hurt!

Five of us stuck together for the adventure, photos include Helen and Claire from England, Megan from the US and ourselves.

If you’re ever in Laos, head for Vang Veing!

Vang Veing 010

Vang Veing 015

Vang Veing 019

Vang Veing 029

Vang Veing 031

Vang Veing 032

Vang Veing 030

Vang Veing 044

Vang Veing 051

Vang Veing 050

Vang Veing 054

Vang Veing 072

Vang Veing 098

Vang Veing 099

Vang Veing 111

Vang Veing 112

Vang Veing 137

Vang Veing 142

Vang Veing 148

Vang Veing 169

Vang Veing 191

Vang Veing 200

Vang Veing 194

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