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Dong Thien Cung

October 18th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 06-Vietnam

As part of the Halong Bay excursion we were taken to Dong Thien Cung Caves.  Not all that interesting, but very funny.  Our guide kept comparing different stalactites to various animals – “se, dis luk like lion”, “se, dis luk like elefan”, they looked nothing like a f**king lion or elephant.  So throughout, we were somewhat whispering to each other, “se, dis luk like big tre”, “se, dis luk like big mous”– not sure the other guests found it very funny.  He was right when he said one looks like a nipple, so we’ve included that one  – see if you can spot it.

The lighting was impressive.

Sam sniggering behind our guide.

Halong Bay 335

Halong Bay 337

Halong Bay 342

Halong Bay 348

Halong Bay 350

Halong Bay 370

Halong Bay 388

Halong Bay 398

Halong Bay 400

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