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October 16th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 06-Vietnam

Worth a trip if, like us, you have plenty time on your hands, is the Army Museum which hosts a great collection of weaponry captured during many years of warfare.  The centerpiece was a Soviet-built MiG-21 fighter jet, for me it was the HU1 helicopter (aka ‘the hue’).  Having seen it in movies and on the news so many time it was great to see it up close – shame we weren’t allowed to sit in it or even take it for a spin.

As expected, it gave a one sided view of the war which was very interesting. A great collection of photographs showed the destruction and devastation caused by the American bombings. 

My favourites were the last two: (1) un-deterred by the war, a lady happily watering her flowers amidst the wreckage of a B52 bomber, and (2) a self-made short gun made by Vietnamese guerrillas – how did the Americans ever expect to defeat an army that had the skill to whittle their own weaponry.

Halong Bay 004

Halong Bay 114

Halong Bay 013

Halong Bay 020

Halong Bay 029

Halong Bay 030

Halong Bay 042

Halong Bay 048

Halong Bay 061

Halong Bay 089

Halong Bay 093

Halong Bay 096

Halong Bay 081

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