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Sleeper bus

October 8th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 06-Vietnam

We finally arrived in Hanoi following an 18hr sleeper bus journey from Hoi An ($18).  We have yet to complete a such a journey on time and true to form we were 2hrs late.  Not all that interesting but we though you would like to see the inside of the bus. 

This journey has been the most comfortable we’ve had to date.  Half the bus was your standard upright seats for the short distance travellers and the remaining for long haul. We watched two movies, played on our ipods and talked to our neighbours for the most part. We slept an uncomfortable four hours in total and when we arrived we went to the Chinese Embassy (next post) had a few drinks, a meal and a good 12hrs sleep to catch up.

As I write this post, we are both sat eagerly awaiting the 3rd US Presidential Debate, and hope that Obama can outmanoeuvre that tosser McCain.  America and the wider world could do without a repeat of the Bush administration.

 Hanoi 003

Hanoi 004

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  • Del says:

    Hey Sam lovin the Purple silk sheet! It’s so you!!XX

  • You got that right, hello Davey & Sam. Frank here in good ole North Carolina, USA. And it looks good for Obama, so far, barring that the Republicans dont use some of their dirty evil tricks they used to win 2000 & 2004. HBO did a movie about the 2000 election that would make your stomach turn inside out. I had to take blood pressure medicine. I even live here and never knew some of the dirty stuff DICK Cheney and his puppet, George W. did to steal the White House away from Americans. Its amazing that anyone would even consider the McCain Ticket, are you serious, with a good likelyhood of: President Palin. OMFG! Well, please say your prayers for America, we are spiraling downward in an economic mess that the world should have seen coming, I did two years ago and kept telling all my clients to prepare, they didn’t. And G.W. said yesterday: “Hang in there!” Are you f%@king kidding me. You probably can guess that I am very Liberal and if you don’t agree with me, I have some stock to sell you, actually you can pick: Lehman Bros, AIG, Fannie Mae, or Wachovia Bank (which is headquartered in NC, ouch). So not to ramble, but yes, we are ‘hanging in there George, until someone gives you lead poisining from a rifle or maybe Impeachment. I think I can say that, or did he suspend our Constitutional Right to Free Speech. Not yet. Pics are great. If McCain wins, (deep breath), I am coming to travel with you guys. I encourage all of you to email any friends you have that can vote in the US Presidential Election and make your opinion known. I have personally changed several friends from undecided to Obama, registered several last week that have never voted, wow. Have fun, be safe, and lots of love, keep the pics coming.

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