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Hoi An

October 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 06-Vietnam | UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Hoi An is a breath of fresh air and most certainly the highlight of our trip to Vietnam so far.   Oozing with charm and history, having largely escaped the destruction of successive wars which has ruined most of the towns and cities we’ve seen. Hoi An is exactly what we had expected of Vietnam with its cobbled streets and character buildings.

We arrived early yesterday after a 14hr ride on a sleeper bus from Nha Trang, a new experience but very exhausting. After checking in we went for a beer, I had a much needed haircut and had a beautiful meal in Cafe 96, a riverside restaurant recommended by the bible.  It might look like a prison from the pictures but the decrepit look of Cafe 64 is one that many western interior designers would spend a fortune trying to create.

While we were there a table of customers received a fish cooking lesson which lended a great atmosphere to us spectators.

We’ll have some more of this place for sure.

Update: before you ask, I’ve now shaved the beard or what was left of it following my visit to the barber.

UNESCO World Heritage Site #7

Hoi An 055

Hoi An 044

Hoi An 047

Hoi An 050

Hoi An 049

Hoi An 051

Hoi An 042

Hoi An 059

Hoi An 067

Hoi An 068

Hoi An 080

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