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September 20th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 05-Cambodia

We’ve spent the last few days here Sihanoukville – the closest thing you’ll get to Costa del Cambodia – on the south coast close to the Vietnamese border.  The town is hemmed in on all sides with by palm-fringed, squeaky, white sand beaches and undeveloped tropical islands. 

We were spoiled early on in our trip by Lonely Beach in Ko Chang (Thailand), but it’s still beautiful here and we’re making the most of it – swimming day and night.  The few beach huts available come at a heft $20–25 a night – which is out of our budget – compared to our $4 which is a two minute walk to the beach.  We’ve been living comfortably here with three good meals a day, beers and few cocktails every night all for a mere $20 – I really miss working on those bids .


Sihanoukville 146

Sihanoukville 113

Sihanoukville 115

Sihanoukville 159

Sihanoukville 119

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