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Mt. Everest

September 1st, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 03-Nepal

Finally we got to see the great Mt. Everest while en route to Bangkok.  She’s so beautiful standing awesomely above the clouds at over 8,000m.

There was utter confusion before takeoff as to who was sitting where.  As warned by the Lonely Planet, Royal Nepal Airlines tend over their tickets and amazingly they had also issued too many boarding cards – we couldn’t believe it.  There were three for the window seat next to us – so amusing.  Whatever happened, we were not giving up our seats!

If they can’t get the issuing of tickets right, it didn’t fill us with confidence that they could get the aircraft maintenance right.  We are still in flight as I write this post and are just about to receive our food – probably Dhal Bhat – if you don’t receive this post, you’ll know why .

Update: we have arrived safely at out hotel in Bangkok and will soon be tucked up in bed.  Will upload a post at some point tomorrow.

Kathmandu 468

Kathmandu 483

Kathmandu 485


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2 Responses

  • Tim K says:

    As someone fully aware of your aversion to flying I find it amusing to imagine that scene of you doubting the reliability of the airline. However a true example of forewarned is forearmed. You might have panicked if you had not know the airline’s tendency to get creative with the administration.

    Don’t forget to check with me as to exactly which model of Thai bride I want. Returns at such a distance can be a bitch.

  • Tim G says:

    Everest – ‘kin heck!!!
    You sure the plane was actually flying at 8000 metres?

    Hope you are not flying from one state of emergency into another.
    The situation on the streets of Bangkok seems a bit dodgy.
    Hope you keep a low profile and take care.
    Tim G

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