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Entering Nepal

August 8th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India

Tuesday we set off from Agra on our 28 hour journey to Chitwan National Park in Nepal. It was pretty horrendous, especially our leg on the chicken bus (below).  Leaving India and entering Nepal was a breath of fresh air – leaving behind the filth, the touts and constant noise – never to return.  Thank you Lynne for recommending Nepal, its paradise on earth.

Please be aware that we have no phone coverage here and both electricity and internet are intermittent – just what we love.  Last night we had dinner by candlelight, not because we were feeling romantic, we had no choice :-). In case of an emergency, please call Chitwan Tiger Camp on +977 580060.

The first few pictures are of us leaving India and then entering Nepal – see if you can spot the difference (tip: look for filth).Chitwan National Park 001

Chitwan National Park 003

Chitwan National Park 014

Chitwan National Park 007 

Chitwan National Park 035 

Chitwan National Park 043 

Chitwan National Park 046

Chitwan National Park 050

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