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Jaipur, The Pink City

August 7th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India

It’s different to Delhi in so many ways – ignoring the filth that seems to be widespread throughout India – the atmosphere, culture and buildings here is a considerable improvement.

We only had a whistle stop tour but managed to fit quiet a lot in.  The Pink City got its name when the entire old city was painted pink (it’s actually moire rustic), a colour associated with hospitality to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1876 (later became King Edward VII). The colour has been maintained since – probably because it attracts so many tourists.

Sorry for the lack of decent photos, we’re not as trigger happy and we haven’t been inside many of the temples – trying to sticking to our budget!

Jaipur 071

Jaipur 001

Jaipur 003

Jaipur 019 

Jaipur 057

Jaipur 074

Jaipur 101

Jaipur 120 

Mumbai 187 

Mumbai 326 

 Mumbai 338

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2 Responses

  • Tim K says:

    Some amazing buildings there…a real mix of styles too.

    I’m sure there were flies there too but the food looks quite appetising :P

  • Kala says:

    Hello friends!

    how are you? do you remember me? It’s kala from india, your taxi driver. How is everything going? I hope you are well. I have seen the photos of India. They are very nice.

    Take care and remember that in case you come back to India again or if any of your friends are coming you can tell them to contact me. My details are: +91 946 8149844 and my e-mail address is kalaindia@yahoo.in.

    Bye byeeee

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