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The sleepless train

July 30th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 02-India

After hours of waiting in the hotel lobby watching the downpour, we made our way to Mumbai Central for our journey to Delhi.  We were a little anxious having read in the local papers that this station was on high alert and was a potential target for the terrorists.  We felt a little at ease having seen the sheer numbers and professionalism of security/police on hand – sniffer dogs everywhere. I was shouted at for taking photos, oops!

I won’t write much and just let the photos speak for themselves.  It might look like a prison, but was it actually very comfortable.  We were on the top bunks, just under the air con – too cold.  The 17hrs seem to pass reasonably  quickly. We didn’t get much sleep, maybe a couple of ours tops.  Nonetheless, it was a great experience and we’d do again in a heartbeat. This is the normal mode of transport for the average Indian between major cities, so it was great to experience it.

When we got off our a/c carriage it was 38 degrees, a blessing from heaven. The glum faces we had become accustomed to in Mumbai were short lived.  We got the usual ‘tha otel no gud, i got guud otel for u madam, cheap’ – we had learned our lesson.

When we got to our hotel an hour ago we were very excited.  We are in the centre of the bazaar area, which appears to be the happening place.  Enough for now, you will see some great photos from here on in – yippppp eeeeeee!

Mumbai 098

Mumbai 102

Mumbai 111

Mumbai 113

Mumbai 114

Mumbai 115

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2 Responses

  • Tim K says:

    Wow that takes me make to sleeper training it through France as a child. I always had the one nearest the roof of the carriage.

    Laughing at the standard attempt to redirect you by taxi drivers…I wonder how many times that will be tried during your journey ? :D

  • Holly says:

    these look v like the trains and busses in china so you are getting your training in!

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