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The pyramids by day

July 25th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 01-Egypt | New 7 Wonders of the World | UNESCO World Heritage Sites

We waited until the midday sun had passed before we headed to the Sahara to view the pyramids of Giza once more, up close and personal.

Rather than take the usual taxi organised by the hotel, we decided on the underground and public buses – just to get a sense of the real way of life here.  We arrived quicker than we had the previous night and at a cost of only 20p each. Our ‘tourist’ taxi the previous night cost us £5 each.

We heard so many stories of people getting ripped off for the camels, it was a mission to get one at a reasonable price. After 20 mins of haggling, and having produced my out-of-date student card, we got our tickets and camel for E£200 (£20), the entrance fee to the pyramids alone costs E£100. Some guys in our hotel paid E£500 for just the camels the previous day – bafoons.  All saddled up we headed up the desert which took about a half hour to get to the pyramids. The camel was reasonably comfortable.

It was amazing to see them up close and to get a sense of the size and number of carved rocks it took to build these great monuments.  You will see on the third picture the indent in the side of the great pyramid Khafre where Napoleon blasted it trying to knock it down and and on the fourth, the granite frontage that had covered it at onetime – it must have been so beautiful. I took a close up of tip of the pyramid which shows the number and formation of the stones and how smooth it looks. When this face would have covered the whole pyramid, you can imagine how difficult it would have been to locate the actual and spoof entrances – an amazing feet of engineering.

CLASSIC FACT: Napoleon’s troops have long been blamed with blowing off the nose of the Sphinx in the 18th century, because it was an African nose and went against their belief that man descended from the fricans.

The local town and surrounding areas were steeped in poverty, it would bring a lump to your throat.  The whole place is filthy with graffiti markings on the base of the pyramids.  The locals, government officials, police, traders etc. are all milking the cash cow, but have no respect for the pyramids or the surrounding area, it’s a crying shame.  These monuments are truly inspirational and so beautiful you feel you want to kick somebody in the ass to get it sorted.  After all the years of construction, I can’t imagine what the Pharaohs would say now if they were to visit.  

This place is so worth a visit, it is indescribable unless you can see it with your own eyes.

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7 Responses

  • Tim G says:

    Point of order Davey.
    That’ll be ENGINEERING, not architecture!!!

  • Hello Davey & Sam,
    Great Pics, you definitely have learned how to bargain, I paid twice what you did for the horses and camels for half as much. Oh, and about that little ping pong game you came back and beat me at the greek restaraunt, I let ya come back and beat me. (not really, had to say that for my own pride, getting beat by a drunk Irishman, oh well).
    Great pics at Giza, its amazing that we can all go to the same place, and each get different pics. It has been really terrific meeting two fantastic people, and you definitely made my first couple days in Cairo. I want to see more great pics.
    Frank Efird
    Wilmington, NC USA

  • Del says:

    Looks like you two will be making new friends on a daily basis!!(by the time you get back your Facebook will be bursting at the seams!!)
    Did the camel have smelly breath!!?)x

  • Holly Read says:

    love the donkeys! fab pics – especially the one of you both on the camel.

  • Holly says:

    the reason the camels were so cheap is cos sam’s is a donkey!

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