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The Egyptian Museum

July 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 01-Egypt

Yesterday we headed into the centre to visit the Egyptian Museum.  Just another tourist attraction you feel you have to visit, we though it was pretty disappointing, especially as we were restricted from taking any photos.

Once you’ve seen one tomb you’ve no need to visit 200 others.  We both think its a crying shame that all these artifacts were taken from the pyramids and are on show – grave robbers! – these people should have been left to rest.  Imagine Queen Elizabeth being exhumed in a 100 years for public display – I don’t think so!  It’s a gravy train.

I’m sure the pyramids tomorrow will be more interesting.

 Cairo 138

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  • Tim K says:

    The argument goes that if you don’t rob them on behalf of a museum they will be robbed by people planning on selling them for cold, hard cash. As most tombs were.

    I famously asked a boy I taught called Henry Salt if he knew there used to be a famous “grave robber” called Salt who took much of the Egyptian antiquities back to the British Museum. He said “yes…that’s my great-grandfather”. Whoops.

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