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Chill out day

July 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in 01-Egypt

Last night we went out for a Greek meal with Frank, an American traveler .  It was so nice to sit down and chill out for the evening rather than having to eat a take away (or as Frank would say, a take out).  We had a lovely meal and a few beers, which went down a treat – then beat Frank in a few games of table tennis .  The total for the two us was £15 and that included three large beers each and 40 fags – it’s unbelievably cheap!

This morning we had a well earned lye in, had our usual complementary breakfast consisting of an egg, a few rolls, some Dairylea cheese and black tea – you get used to it!

Already today I’ve spent several hours trying to source and fix a problem with Windows Live Writer, the application I use to upload these posts, unfortunately with little success.  I downloaded another programme but it’s not nearly as user friendly.  We know how much you guys are enjoying our posts, so it’s frustrating when you write them and they won’t upload.  I will get to the route of the problem, so don’t panic just yet.

We’ve booked our flights to Mumbai, so to today we’ve got to book some accommodation, we fly out on Saturday at 04:30.

Me having breakfast this morning.  The other day I went to the barbers and this is how it ended up –  I look like a schoolboy from the 60s.  Trying to explain that I wanted a no.3 and not a shaved head was difficult – never mind, it will grow again. 

Cairo 134  

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