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Farewell BBQ

July 11th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in Pre-departure

Last Saturday we had our farewell BBQ in the courtyard which unsurprisingly lasted 13 hours.  We open open our first bottle of Champaign at 2:30pm and finally made to bed at 3am.  Throughout, we had a variety of champagnes, beers, cocktails and wines!

It was a combined effort between ourselves and all our neighbours and we were very grateful – thank you.  We were very unsure about the weather, rightly so, it rained intermittently throughout the evening until we retreated to Kim’s to huddle around the log burning stove.

We had a steady flow of friends, family and neighbours throughout the day, leaving the hardened drinkers to burn the midnight oil. We left Kim’s at 12am and headed over to Darren’s for the final few hours, much of which I barley remember.

Thank you again and we will miss you all dearly.  All the photos can be seen here.

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