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Route so far

May 1st, 2008 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts

Sam is still pretty much house bound following her operation, and as such, has been working continuously on our travel route. It a bigger job than we had ever imagined. Before we can arrange insurance, jabs, RWT tickets etc. we have to know our route – and to plan a route – we need to know where and when we fly in and out and roughly what we will be doing for each period.

We won’t bore you too much, but our rough guide to date is:

UK / Cairo / Dubai / Mumbai / overland to Deli, Katmandu, Lhasa, Beijing, Hong Kong.  A big vague on SE Asia at the moment but will include parts of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Onto OZ, NZ, Fiji and Cook Islands, then onto South America.  At the moment we have no idea where, but have a few ideas.

The imbedded map below is pretty small.  This link should provide a larger view where you can zoom in and follow the route.  This is obviously work-in-progress.

We would really appreciate your advice and comments, are we covering too much ground and too much on overland?  BTW, blue lines are flights and green are overland.

Please ignore the map on the left had column of the website, this will only come into play once we set off, currently in test mode.


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  • Hollie says:

    heyah, yeah we’re in Wainuiomata (there’s not much out there, but wellingtons pretty cool!!) the plan so far looks pretty full on!!! how long do you guys plan on staying in each place for? varied times throughout?

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