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Elliott’s Birthday

January 6th, 2008 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

After a relaxing morning at home, we headed into town to do some usual chores, shopping at Sainsbury’s, fruit and veg from the market, a couple of mulled wines at the local, back to put the shopping away, down to another local for a real ale and then back home to cook diner. Sam’s sister Emma and nephew Elliot came around for dinner before we headed to the bowling alley to celebrate our Elliott’s 7th birthday with two of his friends Josh and Benjy. Even with the side bars up, we all managed a very poor score, the highest was 114.

Foul shot…

Elliott, the star of the evening with Benjy on the left and Josh on the right.

A proud mum Emma.

New Year’s Resolutions

January 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)

Happy New Year to all our family and friends. We had a very relaxing holiday at Sam’s family and New Year’s with our Neighbours Helen and Tim.

One of my two New Year’s resolutions is to keep this blog updated – it seems I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut over the last few months and its time I pulled my finger out. So from now on I aim to provide at least one post a week (initially), most likely on Sundays.

My second resolution is to run two half marathons. Alongside my 4-5 mile swim at week, which I’ve consistently done for the last 4-5 year but has never shifted any excess pounds, I plan on running a few miles a week. Over the Christmas I managed to run 9 miles and 5 miles, so now I’ve got the monkey off my back, its onwards and upwards.

Over the coming days, I will provide a snapshot of what we have been up to since my last post back in September.