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Happy Birthday Jonathan

May 21st, 2007 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

Happy 33rd birthday Jonathan. As a little reminder of how time goes so quickly, I’ve included this photo from your 30th – a great night!

We will be thinking of you while on holiday. All our love and best wishes for a great birthday.

Happy Birthday Eilish

May 21st, 2007 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (0 Comments)
Happy 21st birthday sis. We are sorry we could not be with you on this special occasion and especially as you are having a party. We wish you all our love and best wishes.

We will be thinking of you when we are cruising up the Oxford Canal in our 62ft narrow boat, stopping off at the odd watering hole. We will charge a glass in your honour!

Niamh’s Christening

May 20th, 2007 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

Following Sam’s Race for Life, it was a quick dash home for a bath, change of cloths and off to a Niamh’s christening. It was a fantastic afternoon and great to catch up with the family, new and old.

There was a great spread laid on with plenty of booze and a live band – not to mention Kevin’s contribution (see below).

For those family members who were unable to make it, I have uploaded some photos and two videos, so enjoy!

Thank you all for a great afternoon, it was most enjoyable…and here’s to the next one Bridget.

Kevin and Edna, proud parents of adorable Niamh.

Uncle John, a proud grandad…

Granny Maurine with Antie Sammy…

Antie Bridget (Biddy), who is expecting her second child in three weeks…scary! Best wished and good luck.

Biddy’s husband, Pat, with their daughter Lilly. You would never tell she was Pat’s daughter :-) Unlike Pat, he was on Coca Cola all afternoon, just incase a quick dash to the maternity hospital was required. Well done P.

Antie Bridie with her daughter, and my cousin, Jane. Caroline was also present, but was a little camera shy, hense the giggling.

Kevin’s rendition of ‘West Virginia’

‘The Rose of Castlerea’…

Race for Life 2007

May 20th, 2007 | Posted by Davey in Pre-Travel Posts - (1 Comments)

Well done to Sam and her Acco work colleagues who completed the 5K Race for Life 2007, raising £1,500 for Cancer Research UK.

I think it’s fair to say they were all pretty exhausted crossing the finish line. We are all really proud of Sam and Theresa, who crossed the line first in just under 30 minutes.

Sam dedicated her run to Tim’s mum Beverly (RIP), uncle Joe (RIP), granny Kathleen (RIP), uncle John, our friend Colom and Darren’s friend Patrick.

A sincere thank you for all the sponsorship.

Well done ladies!

Sam’s colleagues L to R: Theresa, Lesley, Pheadra, Linda, Alex and Max.

Dear bloggers,

Our neighbour Tim is taking part in the 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour, an epic journey from the UK to the South of France in Citroen 2CVs.

The Tour aims to raise over £75,000 for The Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust. The Trust enables the operation of the air ambulance service for the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. It is a valuable part of the 999 service but has no government funding other than the provision of paramedics.

The Rosbifs and Snails Tour will leave Marlow on Saturday the 23rd June and will arrive in Monaco (hopefully) on Friday the 29th June.

If you have any spare cash or change, a donation to this worthy cause would be much appreciated

Charity Registration No 1084910

Thank you.

This is a picture of Tim’s Car, which cost £700 – the rules stipulated that the cars should cost no more than £777. The car is currently being sprayed white and plastered with 118 118 branding – their major sponsor. Tim has already fixed a petrol leak, not a good start – will they make it? Watch this space…